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Ciderfest 2020: 6 Popular Cider Festivals

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Leaves turn yellow and start falling and, we get into the mood of Ciderfest 2020. One of the most exciting things about the Fall season is the love for Ciderfest. It is celebrated in many places with the tasting of Cider and many more.

Due to the current pandemic situation, ciderfest 2020 had been cancelled in many regions. Let us look at what is in store for ciderfest 2020 all over the world.

Ciderfest 2020: 6 Popular Cider Festivals

1. New Zealand’s Ciderfest 2020

Countdown on for annual Cider Festival in Nelson |
Cider Fest 2020, Nelson


The New Zealand Ciderfest is one of the biggest cider festivals in the world as it is described as “the heaven for cider seekers”. It takes place during November at Founder’s Heritage Park, Nelson with the scenic beauty adding to the taste.

It is the perfect spot for the festival as Nelson produces half percentage of cider in the whole of New Zealand. This festival was dedicated to cider to broaden the awareness about cider and increase its consumer demand.

The Ciderfest 2020 of New Zealand took place on the 7th of November, Saturday with all the Covid safety protocols. The gate opened at 1 pm with music and cider sessions and many other entertainments. Bands like Sonoraw, The Satellites, and solo performers like Elisha Hobbs, Brooklyn Scott, etc. were there to entertain the visitors. You could also buy t-shirts, cider maker branded merchandise, singlets, and glass holders from the merchandise sections.

The cider sessions included the announcement of the winners of the Cider NZ Annual Awards along with the comments of the judges. A talk was given by the award-winning cider expert Gabe Cook, about how he wants to make a change in the way in which people think and drink cider.

A cider-making workshop was held by Ed Briem, where you can get to learn how to brew a perfect home-made cider. The cider makers who attend the fest this year were Old Mount Cider, Peckham’s Cidery and Orchard, Sprig & Fern, Capital Cider Co., and Rochdale Cider.

2. Manchester Beer & Cider Festival (MBCF)

Manchester Beer & Cider Festival | Food Festival Finder
Cider Fest MBCF


Known as the North’s largest beer celebration, Manchester Beer and Cider Festival began in 2014 as a continuation of the CAMRA’s National Winter Ales Festival conducted earlier and has been continuing every January.

This was a major hit with many new visitors around 300 more, attending the fest leaving it running out of beer. From 2016 onwards, the fest has been held in the middle of the city centre at Manchester Hall, which could hold around 15,000 customers giving the visitors a whole new experience.

There is no other entertainment during the fest but drinking beer, cider, and Perry. Music and other such programs are not entertained as the customers prefer to enjoy their beer in a silent atmosphere. Manchester Hall provides food at the festival in house catering team.

You would enjoy gluten-free beers in bottles and casks and there are many options for vegetarians. The website provides a list of vegan and non-vegan beers. You will also be able to taste non-alcoholic beers at the German and Belgium bar and unfermented apple juice at Cider and Perry bar.

Around 180 vegan beers were featured in the 2019 ciderfest. Ciderfest 2020 started on 19th of January, opening to the trade on the 22nd and then to the public from 23th to 26th.

3. Cider Summit Chicago 2020

Cider Summit Chicago 2020 – The CiderWriter
Cider Summit Chicago – Virtue Cider


The annual Cider Summit Chicago which is the largest ciderfest of the region features around 200 ciders, apple spirits, and cider cocktails from various regions around the world. It was conducted on the Saturday 22nd of February from 12 pm-3 pm and 5 pm-8 pm inside the Aon Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier. It was presented by Binny’s Beverage Depot.

You require separate tickets for each session and additional tasting tickets cost 2 dollars each. The event is strictly for those above the age of 21 and the last pour of drink would be 15 minutes before the closing of the session. No food and alcohol from outside are allowed inside the fest.

There is voting for the best cider brand in the fest and ciderfest 2020 was the stage for the debut of “Salut” which was a collaboration of cider with Virtue Cider. The fest also featured ‘Heritage Cider Island’ showcasing regional and international artisanal cider manufacturers.

The food section includes gluten-free foods, sausage fest food trucks, and a special offer by Hotel Palomar for the attendees of Cider Summit.

4. Cider Week Virginia

Cider Week Virginia is Back with Old and New - CIDERCRAFT
Virginia Cider Week


Cider Week Virginia is an initiative of The Virginia Association of Cider makers to enhance the consumer and trade marketing of cider through education, promotion, etc. This includes activities like educating the public about the quality of craft cider, promoting the Virginia Cider Industry, and creating a rapport in the industry with the cooperation of all the producers.

Virginia Cider Week is one of their major events as it an initial method to bring the whole industry together. Ciderfest 2020 this year is from 13 of November to 22 and has a series of events at various cideries all around the state. There are many best places where you get tasty ciders. These are some of the events during the week where you get good ciders.

Virginia Cidery Guest Cider Feature Event is the main event of the week which includes a many cideries like Blue Bee Cider, Bold Rock Hard Cider, Bryant’s Cider, Potter’s Craft, Albermarle CiderWorks, and many more. The offering will be in tap or bottles depending on the location of the cideries.

The Donut Give Up Cider Release at Lost Boy Cider uses apples for their dry cider. One of their masterpiece in the menu is the Donut Give up which includes nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and tastes like a cider donut.

You could also enjoy music in the apple orchard in the afternoons with Jelly Street Jazz, combining ballads and jazz. The event permits reservations, leashed pets and you could even bring a picnic along with you.

5. Valley Forge Beer & Cider Festival

Beers | PhillyVoice
Valley Forge Beer & Cider Festival


The Valley Forge Beer & Cider Festival takes place in the December of every year and the dates of Ciderfest 2020 are yet to be announced. It is a fun-filled day for all beer and cider lovers. The fest breaks every year’s record by bringing more and more beer and cider samples.

There would be a wide variety of amazing breweries and cideries from all over the world. You would also be having access to the Expo Center and free parking. The fest partners with the local Committee To Benefit the Children (CBC) to aid the quality of life for the children and families who have cancer, blood disorders, and other serious illness.

The event holds a wide variety of holiday festivities like an ugly sweater contest where you can participate as a group or go solo. There are holiday-inspired beers too that are available at certain counters. There would be Christmas tables where you could enjoy some of the world’s most popular brews like Christmas ale, gingerbread stout, etc.

It’s Christmas time and, it is not complete without a Santa Claus. You will be able to meet Santa and could talk to him about what you want for Christmas. Food trucks are an important part of the event. Some of the most famous food trucks like Have a Ball, Grilly Cheese, Stuff’d Buns, Roasted Liberties, Philadelphia, PA, would be available to satisfy your appetite.

The tickets are usually available from the half of December and you would also be able to get a VIP ticket if you value privacy. Along with your VIP ticket, you would also get your beer & cider samples, a tasting glass, VIP beers, free engraving in your tasting glass, VIP express, festival entrance lane, VIP seating area, and free parking. So get ready to book your tickets for ciderfest 2020.

6. The Big Chill Ciderfest 2020

Cascade Farmlands :: The Big Chill Ciderfest
Big Chill Cider Fest


Most of the cider makers of Wenatchee Valley would be present in Cashmere to sample their ciders to the public at The Big Chill Ciderfest. More than 10 cideries would participate in the event and are hosted during July. The visitors would be able to enjoy cider tasting along with a lounge area in the pavilion. You would also have access to free games and an exhibition of cider making by the Cashmere Museum.

The wide variety of food includes potato, salad, beverages, Kanoa Shave ice cream, sandwiches and sides, and many more. There is also the performance lead by Sergio Cuevas and Markus Hoyer which takes place in the evening. You would get to buy local cider bottles.

The fest features apple ciders, cherry ciders, and perries. Some of the local cideries that participate include Centre Ring, Snowdrift Cider, Bad Granny Hard Cider, Manchester Road, Hard Cider Shed, and many more.

The ciderfest 2020 was not able to be conducted due to the current pandemic situation. The tickets to the event cost 30 dollars per single and 55 dollars per couple. This could be purchased online or at the event.

The event’s entry includes a tasting glass and a tote bag, twelve taste tokens, and an extra thirteenth one for tasting your favourite. The people who participate must be able the age of twenty-one and is not at all baby-friendly.

Many cider fests are conducted around the world during the times of holiday and are conducted to promote the cider industry. The cider makers come together to promote the sale and trade of ciders and some charity works too. Due to the current pandemic situation, many event coordinators were not able to conduct ciderfest 2020. The event organizers are hoping to conduct the event with more grandeur in the coming years.

To learn more about festivals like this, click here.

Not all the cider fests are mentioned above. If you know more, comment below and share with us how ciderfest 2020 was conducted in your region.

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