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10 Clichéd Characters You Encounter at a College Fest

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College fests are something students look forward to right from the day they step into their college. Providing a much-needed break from their mundane muggings and hectic schedules, fests are the perfect amalgamation of culture, arts, experience, and people. A dazzling carnival-like atmosphere rocks the campus, and youngsters lose themselves in the unhindered milieu of entertainment and jollity.

Now, irrespective of whichever fest you may choose to attend, there are always some clichéd characters encountered in any and every fete. So read on, laugh, and find out if you are one of them.

1.The Rock-stars – Sporting black tees, guitars, and Gothic looks are easily the most recognizable lot at college fests. Always found in groups, they sing away to glory songs.

ROCKSTARS2.The foodies – A great thing about fests, entertainment apart, you get to eat a lot. Delicacies ranging from pizzas and burgers to kebabs and biriyanis are readily available on the grounds. Quite naturally, foodies love thronging it.


3.The love-birds – Hand in hand, they stroll the entire campus without visiting a single event. Basking in their newfound love, they prefer looking into each other’s eyes rather than those mundane hip hop troops—the fest, of course, serving the perfect dating spot.


4.The Beauty Queens –Let’s get one thing straight- fashionistas love fests (like duh!). “Yeh Dekho Mera new bandana, latest fashion you know” Or, “eww uski skirt dekhi?? just sooo off.” Yep. That’s Right. What better place than the college fest to flaunt the new sundress that you bought in last week’s Flat 50 sale?


5.The Grumbler – The name gives away everything. The ever grumpy, ever surly folks walking the campus and complaining almost about everything except, well, themselves. “This place is so dirty,” “The food is so tasteless,” “ Too much crowd” are the phrases they love using.  Half the problems about “crowded fests” are solved if they stop coming. No offense there.GRUMBLERS


6.The” We’re Here To Get High” People – Ahem Ahem!! You find them huddled in groups, puffing and maybe eating grass… If you know what I mean.


7.The “We’ve Come Here To Spot Celebrities” People – Celebrity hunters as they are, they wait through the entire day to get a glimpse of that VJ they saw in last night’s show. “Ma’am ma’am, Big Fan!! Can I take a selfie with you??” There might be renowned acts happening around, but who cares? Let’s meet the celebrities.


8.The “Let’s Buy Unnecessary Things” group of PeopleArrey baba, it might only be a fest, but it still offers ample opportunities to shop. So let’s not waste our time watching performances; rather, let’s buy important things like balloons, posters, printed tees, sling bags, and whatnot. Such enthusiasm, much wow.

people who buy unnecessary things

9.The Photographer/DSLR wala – Be warned: They can shoot you, albeit with their cameras. The battlefield of College Fest is set, soldiers (read photographers) ready with their guns (read DSLRs).  Turning everything into their subjects (dancers, guitar guys, potted plants *the list goes on and on*) they snap away to honor.  And if you’re lucky enough, they might trap you in their frame.


10.The “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” Folks – Hell Yeah!!! It’s THE event of the year—time to shed all those inhibitions and dance like a freaking hoofer.
Beware: They can dance away to any and every tune ever composed on this planet.  Even Hum toh thehre pardesi!


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