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16 Captivating Outfit Ideas of Clothes for Skinny Women

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We all are aware that the fashion industry revolves around the skinny, thin women. They are considered to be the prettiest and chicest of all.
Even though these days, healthy little women are also getting their space in this industry, and I believe that’s something to be proud of about the industry!

Despite all this, many skinny girls feel self-conscious about their bodies and are body shamed most often. If you girls are tired of body shaming and comment passed by the people around you, then its high time; stand up and raise your voice against them, hence shut them.

Embrace yourself, don’t feel uncomfortable or harmful about your body; be thankful for what you have. Be proud of what you are and love yourself.
Moreover, it’s quite a task to find clothes for skinny women. There are a few types of body structures of skinny women, and it’s difficult for them to find the perfect fit for their body type.

If you are petite or skinny, the chances are that you have a rectangular body shape, which means that your upper body is almost equal to your lower body and has very slight or no definition on the waistline. So, the only thing to keep in mind is that you have to dress, which will highlight your waistline or your waist area.

To make an illusion for people that you aren’t skinny, here are a few tips, tricks, and hacks. Ahead in this article, a thin woman is going to get aware of the essential and non-essential clothes for skinny women.

Let’s get started with the 16 Captivating Outfit Ideas of Clothes for Skinny Women, which will make an illusion for the viewer that you, too, have curves.

1. Crop Tops

Starting with tops, you can play with a variety of crop tops as they end on your waist, which in turn highlights your waist area. This is  trendy as well as one of the highly fashionable clothes for skinny women.
A simple round collar or halter neck works the best for you as a skinny girl. You can also try scooped or sweetheart necklines that will give some definition to your structure or the top area.

crop tops as clothes for skinny women
Victor Hughes


crop top as clothes for skinny women
Jeys Tubianosa


A white shirt is everyone’s best friend, and you can dress up or down in them. It is the safest and the most refreshing option for every season, and I guess everyone can rock in them.

white shirt as clothes for skinny women
Jeys Tubianosa


2. Sleeve Length

For sleeves, you can pretty much wear anything, but usually, quarter length(3/4th length) works the best as they end on your waistline, which again highlights it.

Apart from this, try wearing more ruffle sleeves as it will broaden your shoulder area and arms, which will help you look fuller and also take away the attention from your slim arms.
Anything with exciting sleeve detailing will serve as your best friend, which includes all types of embroidered sleeves or the net styled sleeves.

sleeve idea of clothes for skinny women
Brenna Huff


3. Bottoms

For bottoms, you can pretty much wear anything yet try to go for upper waist, maybe in jeans, trousers, coach, shorts, skirts, or anything as they start from the waistline, which not only highlights it but also adds length to your overall structure.

Bootleg jeans and trousers look great on skinny women as they give the body extra shape and dimension.
In case of pants, go for perfectly tailored pants, not too fitted, not too loose just the perfect fit.

high waist pants as clothes for skinny women
Jeys Tubianosa


Skinny pants or jeans make your legs look skinnier, but losing them a bit adds more visual curve and weight to the whole look, which looks super amazing.

4. Type of Jeans

If you are denim lover, then you must not go for skinny jeans instead should go for different kinds of fits like the flared high waisted pieces of denim, or the cropped or full-length wide-leg denim jeans, boyfriend jeans, and the high raised jeans you must wear.

Avoid low-waist and try including more of high waist type of denim as it will add more curves to your body.

high waist jeans as clothes for skinny women
Polina Tankilevitch


Try wearing straight fit or boot-cut jeans as it will add more visual weight and curves to your structure.
Also, try to add some elements like a lace detail at the bottom end of the jeans or some embroidered jeans to shift the attention of the viewer.

5. Styling Loose Clothes

We all feel much comfortable wearing loose tops and bottoms as compared to the skin-tight ones. While if skinny girls wear loose clothes, then it might look like the clothes are hanging on a hanger!
So the trick by which you can go for loose clothes for skinny women is by tucking your loose tops in your bottoms. This technique will divide your body into two halves very beautifully.

6. Short Jackets or Coats

You can try jackets that end on your waistline or just slightly below it that will help elongate your legs properly. Hence, give some sort of overall definition to your look.

short jacket as clothes for skinny women
Jacob Mejicanos


7. A-line Dresses or Waist-Fitted Dresses

You can surely play around with a variety of a-line or the waist-fitted dresses. You can even accessorize them with a belt to give your waist some definition.
The key here would be to go for the medium length a-line, or waist fitted dresses to add weight to your overall look.

dresses as clothes for skinny women
Bùi Thanh Tâm


Apart from this, add curves to your frame with peplum style dresses and tops, this seems to be the best clothes for skinny women.

8. Types of Bags and Clutches

Again for the bags and clutches, you must opt for small to medium-sized bags as the large-sized bags/purses will look out of proportion for thin women.

bags for skinny women
Mike Von


9. Prints and Patterns

Prints have an illusion to add weight; go for medium to large prints to add volume to your structure. Be it on top or bottom; you can magnificently play it around prints for a cheat.

Also, a well-tailored shirt is what exactly you are looking for, not too tight and not too loose.

printed tops as clothes for skinny women
Artem Ivanchencko


printed tops as clothes for skinny women
Khanh Dang


10. Stripes

The easiest thing for clothes for skinny women is to avoid vertical stripes as it tends to make you look slimmer.
Try wearing horizontal stripes, which will give an illusion of weight and make you look broader, hence a win-win situation.
You can opt vertical stripes for the bottom as it will make you look taller.

horzontal-striped t-shirts as clothes for skinny women
Jonathan Cosens Photography


11. Monochromatic Look

If your body shape is rectangular, as I mentioned earlier, you can choose a monochromatic look. It will help to add height and volume to your body structure.

Styling Sense of Skinny Women
Icy Media

12. Accessories

You can play smart by adding statement jewelry pieces, i.e., earrings, neck-pieces, watches, and what not to your styling. These also work as layering, which helps in visual weight and moving attention to your accessories.

Classy minimal neck-pieces can highlight your collar bone, and small to medium length earrings will work the best. You can also take help from the article OOMPH, your Look with different types of earrings to choose from your look.

Playing with accessories is the key, like including scarfs exceptionally bright and colorful printed scarfs to your wardrobe. They help your neck look less long and slimmer, thus adding more weight around that area, which is super cool.

scarf as an accessory for skinny women
Zohre Nemati


13. Layering Dresses

For dresses, you can start layering your pieces yet keep it light and straightforward as you don’t want to look stuffed with cloth, right?
Layering your tops or dresses probably is one of the best techniques you can use in your day-to-day styling.

layring as clothes for skinny women
Laura Chouette


14. Middies

You can include middy skirts and dresses, and even maxi skirts will work best for you guys. They end at the right length giving you the right proportions to your overall body structure.

middie as clothes for skinny women
Engin akyurt

15. Printed Balloon Shorts

For shorts, you can go for printed shorts like the animal printed ones, the checked ones, or the ones with boho print.
Usually, these types of shorts come with a belt and again acts as a great option as it helps add some curves and shows from where the waist is starting, which is excellent. Hence, balloon shorts works the best for you.
It’s entirely up to you, you want to include a belt or not, I would suggest you should as it adds some curves to your structure and makes you look a bit fuller.

loose shorts as clothes for skinny women
Analia Ferrario


16. Hairstyles

Try different hairstyles; maybe wavy, curly or messy buns work the best as it adds more weight to your whole look and diverts the attention of the observer from your slim-trim body.

hairstyle for skinny women
Nakota Wagner


Here are a few more tricks to make clothes for skinny women just perfect.

If you don’t get your size and it’s loose, which happens mostly every time with you girls, then my suggestion would be to alter from the back and not from front or sides; so that it would look cleaner and neater. Moreover, you would be more comfortable that way.

Also, try avoiding all-black outfits or all dark colors, instead opt for light tops with dark bottoms or vice versa.

Apart from this, if you are planning to wear a loose shirt, you can either tuck it in as I already mentioned, or you can wear it as a cover-up or a kimono.

By now, you must have realized that experimentation is the key! So, start up with experimenting with your outfits using these 16 Captivating Outfit Ideas of Clothes for Skinny Women.

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