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10 Mind Blowing Ways to Spice Up Your Home Furniture

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Coming back to the same old home and looking at the plain walls and furniture can be quite dull. It’s time to change things up to breathe in new life to your house. Having a pleasing decoration in your home can lift your spirits and give them a fresh feel.

If you thought redecorating your rooms requires you to hire a professional interior designer, then you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are 10 quick and straightforward ways to spice up your home furniture and revamp their look and feel:

1. Ceiling

Planning a house or a room remodeling never makes our heads turn upwards. Despite being the fifth wall of the room, we often tend to miss out on this part of our house. So, first and foremost, today, we will start with the most overlooked part of our house, the ceiling. The first way to spice up your home furniture doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Of course, you can go the big way and include a cool wallpaper or wooden tiles (they can make any room extravagant) or some painting or artwork that covers up the entire wall. A much cheaper alternative is the starry night pasties. Enjoy their glow while they lull you to sleep at night. You can even make a DIY chandelier with imitation beads, which will cost you lesser than you can imagine.

ceiling decor
Waldermar Brandt

2. Chandeliers

Since we are talking about ceiling decorations, why miss out on the most elegant and obvious choice that comes to one’s mind when we lookup. Chandeliers are a great way to add that extra oomph and grandeur and spice up your home furniture. They are the rulers when it comes to elegant lighting. Chandeliers can make your room look like a billion bucks!

To give some shine to a dull lighted room, you can opt for crystal chandeliers since they glow the brightest no matter how low the lighting is. Another cool way to use chandeliers is ceiling fan chandeliers. They work both ways to do the job of a ceiling fan and also increase the posh factor with their grand chandelier. You can give your kitchen some wow factor by hanging long one-piece chandeliers that glam up your kitchen space without making the small space look crowded. If you do not want to invest a huge sum of money behind these expensive beauties, you can try creating your DIY chandeliers. There are hoards of tutorials out there.

Peace Itimi


3. Build a Garden

Plants are a great way to you, spice up your home furniture. They look not only aesthetically pleasing but also have immense health benefits. They reduce the toxins generated within the closed walls and increase the oxygen level inside your home atmosphere. You can get the feel and advantage of being outdoors without having to do so! You can get some cacti, or some orchids (they bring a lot of color to your surroundings) or some creepers and climbers and position them near your windowpane or living room walls. Pick the indoor plants which don’t require much sunlight or water so that it doesn’t cost you too much time in maintaining them.

house plant
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4. Wall Hangings

Painting a wall or applying wallpaper can easily cost you thousands of rupees. To spice up your home furniture, you do not need to burn a hole in your wallet. Opt for wall hangings instead. Wall hangings come handy to cover up that chipped off paint or stain that you don’t want to repaint. It can be your family pictures, pets, or some pieces of artwork. Whatever it may, focus on the size and positioning of the image. Try to pick one photo that you love the most and print a version of it that will be large enough to cover an entire wall.

Give careful attention to the picture frames because they can either make or break the look. Bring, delicate designs or geometric patterns, whatever they are, pick the right ones to compliment your pictures. You can also make some cool wallhangings yourself with straws, or colorful papers, or even worn-out clothes! Let your imaginations run wild and keep hanging!

wall hanging
James Hollingworth

5. Carpets

A great way to spice up your home furniture and get the look and feel of an extravagant celebrity house is covering your floor with carpets. If you are not a fan of how your floor looks or it has sustained some damage, cover up all the mishaps! Carpets not only jazz up rooms but also reduces noise and provides a comfortable space to walk around. Moreover, if you have children in the house, carpets can save a lot of injuries and trips to the doctor. Choose a carpet that complements the color of your walls. If you have light-colored walls, try choosing a pale carpet like grey or peach. If you want some contrast, then go for metallic or multi-colored bolder designs.

Olena Sergienko


6. Throw Some Pillows Around

It’s time to spice up your home furniture by throwing some pillows around! Pillows add a splash of color to your furniture and make them pop and stand out. If you have neutral-colored furniture or wall, get pillows that are either solid colored or multi-colored. Anything that brings in some contrast can bring a distinguishing factor to the furniture.

Try to mix and match their sizes and shapes to bring some dynamic. Put them anywhere you feel like you want the attention to travel. It can be your sofa or chairs or your bed, or even some small ones on your desk. A clever idea would be to stock up on a few extra pillow covers of different designs so that when you are bored with looking at the same designs every day, you can change them up.


7. Lamp It Up

The right lighting can directly affect your mood and health. If you get the lighting just right, then it can turn your room into a piece of a magazine, or too much lighting can cause your headaches and eyesores and make your room look boring. No matter how dull your room looks, a lamp can instantly change the whole look and spice up your home furniture.

It can only be used for some sexy lighting but also to make a bold statement. The options for lighting are myriad. Bedside lamps, study table lamps, floor lamps, arc floor table lamps (their beautiful bends look aesthetic, tripod lamps, tree lamps, chandelier lamps – choose any and turn it on to watch their magic.

Joel Henry

8. Mirrors

If you are still stuck in the mindset that mirrors are only for admiring yourself, then move over! Let me introduce you to the world of mirrors used for interior design. Mirrors can spice up your home furniture in more ways than you can imagine. Mirrors have the potential to create the illusion of larger spaces due to reflection. So if you have tiny rooms that feel very stuffy and congested, a mirror can instantly add a few more meters to your room and make it look more spacious. They can also fix the lighting in your room.

Just place the mirrors opposite to a light source and watch it’s reflection brighten up your room twice as much as before. If you can hit the right framing, then mirrors can boast of an elegant statement and work as a beautiful wall hanging or a show-piece.

Luis Villasmil

9. Books With Good looking Covers

Whether you are a bookworm or not, have you ever thought of books as an interior decorating item? Well, books are one of the most underrated assets to spice up your home furniture. Filling up your shelves with show-pieces is a popular and sometimes expensive way of styling. Instead, if you have a bunch of books lying as\round that you don’t read anymore, turn them into show-pieces. To jazz up your boring shelves.

Instead of the usual vertical arrangement that is seen in libraries, try horizontal placing, to bring some lift, and layering to the look. If you want, you can buy books with bright colors that pop out. You can use them as coffee table props (make sure that they are small enough for the table or it will look very congested), or turn them into stands for your lamps. If you have a lot of books lying around, you can even stack them up on the floor and maybe place a plant or an art piece on it. 

book shelf
Agon Mustafa

10. Curtains

Who said curtains are only good for obscuring lights from the windows on taking care of your privacy behind doors? If you let your imaginations run wild, then curtains provide a great way to spice up your home furniture. Try changing up their colors. If you have a room in the neutral shade, then pick bright colors, and if you have a very bright room, go for the subtler tones.

Anything that creates contrast but still strikes a balance should be your choice. If you want your room to have a more of a grand and upscale feel, then you have to go for heavy draperies with materials like velvet. They are also a smart way to cover up a part of your wall of space in the living room that is unflattering to look at. Cover it all up with style.

spice up your home furniture
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