Friday, July 30, 2021

Commercially Sexy

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“Dil beimaan beimaan beimaan hai…. Dil…”  Does this tune “ring a bell”? Or is brain “washing” you somehow? Or did I “cut” it at the most inappropriate time? Do you not get the pun already?

Now you get it, don’t you? Who doesn’t know this girl? You might not even remember the name of the deodorant she is accidentally endorsing, but you do know her. I’ll make it easy for ya, kids. It’s Wild Stone.

Now, they happen to have a great history with sexy ads. Remember that Bengali woman who happens to smell the guys, and well, you know how that goes, don’t you?

Why, all of a sudden, have they decided to act subtly? Because our country happens to have a policy that does not allow TV Commercials to have, maybe, casual sex in them? Something like that, obviously!

Look how toned down these ads are! It is clearly talking about the product and nothing else. No! Tut tut tut! No! And not just Wild Stone; every other deodorant or non- deodorant company happens to have a similar ring. (I’m excluding the condom ads because come on! It’s a condom! You can’t have your flowers sharing their petals in there.)

Yes! They were dancing in a secluded area and this, my friend, is just a step. That’s it. (Courtesy: Engage Deodorants)

Seriously, Katrina! Seriously! It’s a bloody mango drink! Do you even know that you happened to have a “Swayamwar” with them? And no. It’s not Aamsutra. I’m very proud of our rich culture that has no words rhyming with Aamsutra. We are so “pure and pies” that we have to watch two flowers for such pleasure. Stop it already, Katrina. You’re hurting my sanskaar.

Now that you have seen what you have already been seeing on the television these days, I’d really love to pose a question. Is this what the industry has become? Are we so obsessed with sex that it is all that we want to see in terms of commercials and no creativity whatsoever?

Even if it’s for an Insurance policy? How does censorship work, then? It tells us not to smoke or drink or allow people to have sex in advertisements but is completely okay with the innuendos in an ad meant for sports shoes.

We, who allegedly believe that Chinese food and Mobile phones are a cause for rapes and love it when Ranveer “Ching” does the rex all the time. Ranveer Singh reminds me, let’s have a cake stealer over here, ladies and gentlemen.

And this, my friends, is what is acceptable in a world that consists of Sunny Leone.

Coming to think of all these advertisements, we do live in a world full of hypocrisy, don’t we?

Keep Thinking.

*Ye to bada toing hai!!*

-Apurva Jain

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