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Commitment Or Fling?

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Commitment Or Fling? 1People these days are scared of commitment. Media shows us how it is cool to be stoic and unemotional. If you act otherwise, you are clingy and sensitive. No one wants to deal with that. It’s messy and suffocating. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting laid. One doesn’t need to be in love for that.

It’s great if you think about it. You’re free from the emotional burden. You do not have to feel anxious all day, no misunderstandings, you don’t have feel dependent on anyone emotionally. There’s not going to be anyone bugging you about what you are doing- why and who you are doing that with. You are free to do whatever you want. It’s like being single but not lonely. This person will be available when you want to have fun, and either one of you can leave anytime you want.

That’s a fling. A casual relationship with a person, no strings attached. It’s nothing more than sexual encounters. It’s supposed to be short and fun, and that’s that. You do not have feelings for each other and do not hope for a long term thing.


Be it a fling or friends with benefits arrangement, it can only be successful if both the individuals involved are honest with each other and have similar expectations from the relationship. Often, things get complicated when they are not on the same page, or one of them falls for the other.

Being in a serious relationship is amazing, but it requires a lot of work. The people involved making each other their priority. It’s more about the emotional attachment than the physical pleasure. They complete each other’s sentences, know all about each other, are always there for each other.

In this relationship, too, honesty is extremely important. People cannot read minds- even the mind of the one they love. Less communication results in insecurity, jealousy, doubts. One thing leads to another and things get bitter.

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So, which one should one choose? Is it at all upon us to choose? No. We are not the ones who get to decide if we are gonna have emotions for someone or not. Instead of running away from these emotions, it would be easier just to accept them and try to make things work.

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