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Lessons learnt from on stage experiences.

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On-stage performances are not only thrilling to watch but also pretty exciting to perform. Ask a rock musician, and he will tell you how he loves to go on the stage and bang his head and jam to music with his

Stage performances teach us several things, and they leave us with lessons that will be beneficial for our life; if you have gone on-stage in your school life or probably in your college, or if you happen to be a musician doing gigs or any other artist touring places, you can easily relate yourself to the following teachings:-

1. Anything can happen at any moment

In life, nothing is certain, and the next day can make you a star; who knows. There is no surety for the future! Any disaster can happen in the very next minute of your life; this is how it goes on stage. You never know what element of your stage is going to ditch you! You can fall off the stage, and you can get your leg fractured while jumping in excitement and action with your guitar; this recently happened to Dave Grohl, the musician from Foo Fighters.

The point is, one can get off their connections accidentally, or maybe your technician whom you trust loses his focus on what is going on.

This is what stages teach us, and anything can happen at any given time!


2. Getting back to your thing is important

We all know how Dave Grohl broke his leg on stage, then what did he do for the next concert? Did he stop? No, he played the next show with his broken leg! Nothing stopped him from putting up a good show! See the spirit, man!

Even in life, we need to be on track. No matter what comes in or what makes you go off track, it would be best if you got back to your thing and continue to do the great things that you are meant to do!download (1)


3. Doing it all by play

Everything we do, we should do with all our heart, and in the process, we must not forget to have fun! Doing it just for the sake of it will not get you anywhere. We’ve seen people living shitty lives around the city, doing things that they don’t love, and not enjoying what they are doing. On the other hand, look at performers; they are in so much play and action. And we see the best in them because they enjoy performing their art form, performing things that they are passionate about.

Lessons learnt from on stage experiences. 1

4. It does not stop

No matter what happens, you don’t have the option of halting or going back. It does not matter if your drummer agrees to play or not; the show must go on; you can’t stop here; otherwise, people start throwing trash at you. Shit happens; however, we must not stop regardless of the bad things happening to us. Do we? No, we don’t!download (3)


5. Seeing is easy; being there is hard

We praise many celebrities and artists and people in business but do you know the story behind their name and success? You can easily watch them and say we want to live like them, but actually, many things take place behind the curtains, things that we don’t see: the pain and the struggle, the determination, and the perseverance. Being there is really tough; if you don’t believe me, go on Wikipedia and search the people who’ve been your role models, you will have your doubts resolved.

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