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The 10 Weird But Useful Inventions

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The fundamental nature of humans is to make their lives easier. This need has fueled thousands of years of inventions, creations, and even Genesis, herself. And it has led to laziness, but hey, we are not here to talk about that. Inventions have always been a weird bunch. The necessity of today was a luxury of yesterday. That has always been the case, which perfectly segues us into 10 weird but useful inventions.

Inventions are often weird to the generation first taking a look at them, and then as time goes on, they get accustomed to it, and future generations often make the horrendous mistake of taking them for granted. However, having gotten all philosophical and stuff, let’s talk about that weird bunch of inventions, that no passage of time can help but to make it look normal in the society.

10 Weird But Useful Inventions

1. Don’t Make Me Burst

The 10 Weird But Useful Inventions 1
Image source: La Miko from Pexels

This genius invention came about when two inventors Alfred Fielding and Mac Chavannes were attempting to create a 3D wallpaper made of plastic. Even though they failed at their original goal, they succeeded, if you could call it that, at making the infamous bubble wrap, that we see everywhere, wherever packaging is involved.

This unique design is used to cushion and protect fragile objects from damage during transit or shipment of products. The air inside the bubbles absorb the shock, and then dissipate it along the surface to protect the underlying device, and is thus one of the weird but useful inventions on our list.

Apart from being a beneficial and low-cost solution to protect things, they are a significant source of fun. Ever wondered what you do with them after you’ve unboxed the product?

2. The Literal Human Bear

The 10 Weird But Useful Inventions 2
Image source: Wikipedia, Fastbird. Licensed under (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Ever been out camping? You know, with friends and family, sitting around a campfire, horror stories and all that? Well, if any of these sound familiar, or maybe you are a trekker, you are bound to know about sleeping bags, or you spent the night shivering. Either way, they are pretty useful when you are away from your cozy bed.

Want to take it to a whole another level? Well, say hello to the sleeping bags with arms and legs, literally. You can fit into them. You can even walk around in it, scaring children, and I’m not judging you.

Jokes apart, they have zippers for the frontal body, you can quickly get in and out. They have full thermal comfort support, with padding throughout the body. It even has removal shoe covers that are padded for extra protection. It has hand-openings for apparent reasons, and a belt strap, well you already know why, earning it a spot on our weird but useful inventions list.

3. Point and Shoot

The 10 Weird But Useful Inventions 3
Image source: Flickr, Nationaal Archief

Okay, picture yourself as a hardcore criminal, or maybe a James Bond knock-off. Okay, now that we have the scene set for you, let’s put a revolver in your hand. Now you have been shooting and creating memories, convenient, right?

Yeah, sure, it’s a damn good way to capture people’s puzzled or even horrifying expressions. Confused? Well, this is a camera hidden in the body of a revolver. Why? Because it’s fun.

This invention dates back to 1938, and is a Colt .38, and captures a photo when you pull the trigger. Being extremely funky, it gains a spot on our list of 10 weird but useful inventions.

4. Singleton

In the face of the ever-worsening economy, maybe the best way to transport yourself is just to bike around. Cycles have always been the classic of every generation with kids growing up with memories of their parents trying to teach them how to ride, with them falling, it’s a whole saga of bittersweet memories.

Well, now some fantastic people have come up with something even better. It’s called a Monowheel. It is, in fact, the single wheel, and the rider sits inside the wheel and pedals it and is one of our weird but useful inventions.

You can also go crazy and make it an electric vehicle, heck, even a motorcycle, perhaps! People can use this to travel fast around an urban location.

5. The Tomato Bot

Ever felt hungry while running or jogging or while counting the miles on your treadmill? We might have the perfect solution to your hunger, a Tomatan.

“WHAT?” you may ask. Well, it is, in fact, a wearable robot that will feed you, you guessed it, Tomatoes. Now the reason, behind feeding you tomatoes is not to prove the worthiness of the name of the robot, but because, according to Dr. Shigenori Suzuki, tomatoes are just a rich source of nutrition that helps combat fatigue during rigorous activities like running.

It’s one of the weird but useful inventions on our list, even though the Olympic authorities might not be too happy about it.

6. Don’t Get Wet

To all, you pet owners out there, have you ever wondered how to keep your dogs dry when its raining and the dog refuses to come under your protection? Well, think no more, a dog umbrella is a solution you never knew existed. It’s an umbrella that’s attached to the leash of your dog, and covers it at all times, and is one of the weird but useful inventions.

This ensures your dog never gets wet as long as the leash is tight in your hands. It’s instrumental, and the pet owners would recognize its potential along with a few stray looks from strangers here and there.

7. Divide and Conquer

Ever wondered while you’re eating pizza, the mess you made a minute ago, trying to cut it with a blunt knife they gave you? It’s not your fault. We have a better solution that you can use to cut through a pizza like a hot knife through butter.

Because it’s not a knife, it’s a massive pair of scissors that can make cutting pizza much easier than the conventional method. Just be careful. They’re huge, just like your love for pizza. And they rightfully earn a spot on our list of 10 weird but useful inventions.

8. I Want To Sleep

If you’re a traveler who also happens to be a sleepyhead, the ostrich pillow might just be the thing for you, uneasy stares notwithstanding. Ostrich pillows are designed in a way such that they are way more than just travel pillows. They cover your entire head, leaving out spaces for your ears.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this except for the fact that this is moderately comfortable, and can be used anywhere where you don’t want to get disturbed. It also kind of blocks out the light, so you’re right to sleep thinking about all the weird but useful inventions.

9. 3… 2… 1… Let it Trip

Even if you’re not a nightly eater, you might need LED on your slippers. You never know when the power’s out, do you? Well, these led slippers come in very handy, if you don’t want to trip over, trying to take a stroll in the dark.

What’s even more fun is that you can also make these yourself. All you need is a soldering iron, some led lights, slippers, of course, some glue, needles, a hot glue gun, some batteries, and battery holders. If you want to check out how to make them, here’s a full rundown: https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-slippers/

You can even gift these to your friend who always trips in the dark, very useful, to say the least, and is perfect for our list of 10 weird but valuable inventions.

10. The Lunch Savior

Ever opened a lunch box from the last weekend only to find nasty green mold growing on your favorite cheese sandwich. Oopsies. Not the best moment in your life, trust me, I know. At this low point in your life, someone was genius enough to make something good out of it.

Et Voila and you have the anti-theft lunch pack. It’s a clear plastic bag with zippers with a stunning picture of mold on it. It’s very lifelike, and people are bound to trip, thinking there’s actual mold growing on your bread. And there, just like that, you have saved your lunch from prying eyes whether in the office or the school, making it one of the weirdest but useful inventions on our list.

So, there you have it. If you didn’t know any of them, now you do, happy? Go, win the world, or something. Bye!

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Professional Content Writer, with an unparalleled passion in all things Tech. Enthusiastic Video Editor, at my own YouTube Channel.

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