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Common Vampire Myths

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What do we know about vampires? We believe what the books, movies, and TV shows tell us. Earlier, vampires used to have a prominent widow’s peak, like Count Dracula. Now, vampires are extremely hot and irresistible like Damon Salvatore. We do not even know if vampires exist in our world. We know so much about them. Where does all this information come from? These are myths that have been passed on from one generation to another.

Listed below are some of the most common beliefs. 

  • Vampires are immortal- A vampire can never die, unless one drives a wooden stake through their heart. Apparently, the purity of the wood is poison for the vampire. Nothing else can harm a vampire. It is said that their wounds heal within seconds.


  • Vampires can shape shift- Vampires can transform into bats and fly around. Bats are associated with vampires as they are nocturnal creatures who drink blood. Vampires can also turn into mist or birds.


  • Vampires can only sleep in their coffin- Vampires are supposed to hunt humans at night and return to their graves before sunrise. They need to be near their native earth to sleep. Modern day vampires do not care for that; they apparently do not even need sleep.


  • Vampires burst into flames when exposed to sunlight- Vampires are supposed to be afraid of sunlight as it can reduce them to ashes. They are also blinded by daylight. They can wear magical rings which can protect them from sunlight, though.


  • One can use garlic to shoo vampires away- Vampires cannot tolerate the pungent smell of garlic as they have sensitive noses. Hence, human beings can protect themselves by keeping garlic with them.


  • Crosses and holy water can save the day- Christians believe that their holy cross and water can scare vampires. In fact, anything God related can repel vampires. Earlier, the Church used heated iron cross to torture vampires before execution.


  • Vampires cannot see themselves in mirrors- Vampires are said to be attractive, and it’s really sad that they cannot see their reflection. Christians believe that a creature without a soul is not able to see their reflection. Also, vampires avoid light. So, no reflection or shadows for them.


  • Vampires can survive on animals and blood bags- This is the most selfish belief about vampires that humans have come up with. Vampires obviously need to stop drinking blood off humans to be accepted in our society. They need to learn to survive on animals even if they do not get enough nutrition from that. We can kill animals and eat them, but when vampires do the same to us, they are evil.


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