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Criminals aren’t Born, They’re Made

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No-one’s born a criminal from their mother’s womb. It’s time and situations that push people into the world of crime with roads that look like mazes and with pitfalls ready to trap people unexpectedly within them.

  • According to Economists, the criminal nature and rate of a state depends on the monetary and economic reasons. They say crime is caused due to the uneven distribution of wealth in the society.
  • According to the Philosophers, crime in any particular country is caused due to the decline of the morals and religion of the people of the country.
  • According to the Psychologists, the people suffering from mental deficiency commit crime.
  • According to the pure scientists Biologists, crime is caused due to disturbance in the endocrine gland of the criminal or his mother; there are various other theories and as too many cooks have spoiled the food i.e., the correct solution of crime stays from being understood.

In a country like India, with rather moderate punishment system, the criminals face more when they’re out in the society after their trial than during the course of their punishment.

Reasons why crimes happen:

  1. The urge to gain riches FAST: Almost everyone in the present world can’t have enough of what they earn. The thirst never quenches and people need it all very fast! No-one knows how to wait, and this is the most common reason why most people deviate into these dark woods.
  2. Illiteracy: The power and importance of reasoning that education instills in the minds of people comes into light when the lack of it pushes people to join hands with the world of crime. They simply don’t understand what is right and wrong; they don’t have the right sources to base their reasoning upon.
  3. Misguided religion: People in countries like India are followers of their religion with a blind faith and often don’t question the age old customs or things their religious leaders have professed to them. Some people take undue advantage of this and misguide people in masses in the name of religion.
  4. Peer pressure: especially prone in teenagers, people tend to walk hand-in-hand through everything their friends do. This often leads to drug addictions and using unfair means to gain the stuff and the money to buy the stuff (which often cost a fortune).
  5. Unfavorable situation: Sometimes, out of self-defense or by sheer accident, people with no such prior intentions tend to get stuck in the loopholes of the crime world and have to go through everything a full-time co-criminal might have to go through.
  6. To show their strength: People who were tortured or bullied for any reason continually get frustrated and think of any way they can answer back the world and exist strongly. They do everything they do to protect themselves.

What happens after their trail?

The concept of giving a suitable punishment to any criminal is to reform the person and tend to make them suitable to fit back into the norms of society back again, but does it happen? No, it very much doesn’t. If you’ve seen Shawshank Redemption, the movie, you pretty much have the idea of the insides of a jail and of what mostly happens after they get out of there.

Criminals aren’t Born, They’re Made 1

People, according to their qualifications and skills, go out and try to get jobs to start a life back in the society they left long back. Most of them search for the security and comfort of government jobs and while some of them have had the experience or the skills required to be a government worker, the tag of “Returned from Jail” doesn’t let them have the chance of it.

When the government itself despises these people, how can the society so easily accept them? No-one wants to employ them and is often scared of them or distrusts them. No-one believes that they probably have reformed after their punishment, which was actually prescribed for the very purpose.

This leaves them to return back to the very path and the world of crime where similar people give them respect and shelter and food. This way the circle of crime never breaks and the world continues to stay a long-long way from being completely crime free.


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