Sunday, August 1, 2021

Cute Baby Sloth Gets New Toy Surrogate Mother

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A zookeeper at the ZSL Zoo in London is rearing a cute baby sloth using a soft toy as its surrogate mother. The sloth’s real mother stopped rearing milk for its child and was also not able to take care of it. The London based zookeeper Kelly-Anne Kelleher stated that she got the toy as a gift from a gift shop for the baby sloth to substitute its mother.

The Soft Toy Will Help The Cute Baby Sloth Grow in London Zoo



The zookeeper believes that the baby will be able to use all the muscles, if the toy was not a toy but its own mother. The sloth can climb all around the teddy bear and make itself comfortable whenever it wants to be. The zookeeper will be monitoring the growth of the sloth over time and as soon as the baby is all grown up and able to feed himself, it will be reintroduced to its natural family and habitat.

Do you think other zoos should be more innovative in its approach to take care of the animals? Also, what are your thoughts on this cute baby sloth and his new toy, surrogate mother? Let us know.

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