Fantasized about The Mysterious Mona Lisa Smile? Pout just like her with ‘Da Vinci Lip Enhancement

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Thanks to Kylie Jenner dominating every form of social media in the past year, having fuller poutbee stung or duck lips is ‘In Vogue’ this season. Everyone wants to have such lips, because of which many women are opting for lip fillers to make their lips appear fuller. However, these treatments do not work too well on certain face types and the person ends up looking a bit odd.

A Manchester based doctor, Tim Pearce is against these treatments that women undergo to give themselves ‘duck lips’. He, instead, provides treatment in which the lip fillers are in proportion with the clients face.


What is the treatment?

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Doctor Tim Pearce’s treatment is called Juvederm Vol Lift and it lasts for a period of 12 months. Tim Pearce invented this procedure and it is available at the company that he founded: SkinViva. His procedure is based on the ‘golden ratio’ rule. This rule states that the ratio of 1 to 1.618 is organic in nature and hence it is most appealing to the eyes. This ensures that the patients look more naturally beautiful as the Juvederm Volbella filler is applied on the basis of the person’s facial proportions.

Why is this treatment also known as the Da Vinci Lip Enhancement?

Tim Pearce has also named his treatment as the Da Vinci Lip Enhancement because he has applied the same rules of proportion to his treatment that Da Vinci had applied to his paintings. Leonardo Da Vinci was first linked with the golden ratio principle in 1505 when he illustrated a book called ‘The Divine Proportion’. This book explored how the golden ratio could be applied to art and architecture.


This ratio can also be seen in nature in the way that plants and animals coil. It is also seen as the proportion of the hand as compared to the forearm as well as the distance between the fingers. The ratio is achieved when a line is divided into two parts so that the smaller part is equal to the total length divided by the longer part. This principle can be seen in two of Da Vinci’s most famous works – The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

While Da Vinci had spent 12 years perfecting the lips on his masterpiece- The Mona Lisa, Dr Tim Pearce can provide patients with perfectly proportionate lips within a few minutes.


The clinical director at SkinViva says:

“Our is based on the rules of anatomical proportion. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first people to realise that facial proportions are not arbitrary, that there is a mathematical ideal ratio and geometry for beauty, outside of which it become less attractive. The Da Vinci Lip Enhancement treatment uses these ideal proportions to finely tailor each treatment to the existing features.”
Why would someone choose this treatment?

The procedure only takes a small amount of time and as the website claims it “integrates quicker and more accurately than any other, feels more natural, and lasts longer.” This treatment is ideal for those people who do want fuller lips but do not wish to risk ruining their appearance. Since this treatment alters the lips in accordance with the persons other facial features, the results will not be too drastic. It is also suited for those people who have thinning lips because of smoking or the natural aging process.

The site promises: “The SkinViva doctors will analyse your lip proportions in relation to your nose, jaw, chin, and using Da Vinci’s ideas, plan a treatment that makes you lips fit beautifully. Time is also spent analysing and shaping the details of your cupid’s bows, vermillion border and philtrum to ensure the subtle details are present.”

The only downside is the cost that is £499 per injection. However, the clinic does claim that these fillers will last for twice as long and will give all the patients a youthful look.

We do hope that the treatment ends up working well; then we can recommend it to certain Bollywood actresses so that they won’t have to make the excuse of allergic reaction next time.

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