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As the lyric goes, “a million little wishes float across the sky”!

Dandelions crowned with the white halo are something that w can all relate to. In the midst of harsh winds and storms, the tiny dandelion seeds make their way in search of a new life. It floats, falls and fly. It teaches us how to stand firm against the hurdles of life.


Frost and fragile,

Walloped by wind,

Gliding through glades,

The dandelions fly and floats,

With the music of misty meadows.

Like my life was a dandelion!

tumblr_lm8vmg7csv1qb730lo1_500_largeStraying through the sleepless sand,

It shatters and shines.

And lips leaned,

to a soft smile,

Dreaming of the death that drags it.

Like my life was a dandelion!

The petrichor pierced through,

its whirling wounds,

Healing its heart.

And it danced in the dust.

Through the flamboyant fire.

Like my life was a dandelion!

18908_1946523364f46a175a3d8eExploring the enigma,

and the monsters of murk

It stumbled on spanking stones.

But it never knelt,

Before deciduous dreams.

Like my life was a dandelion!

download (5)Vanishing the wails,

Carrying the colours of the canyon,

and the glaucous grace of grapes;

It rose to risk the rain,

and to hug the hurricanes.

Like my life was a dandelion!

Changing the chevy,

of the furious fate,

And the ways of the wind,

its trails touched,

The halo of the horizon.

Like my life was a dandelion!

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