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Dealing with unpleasant neighbors after you move

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Relocating and moving can be an extremely exhausting task in itself. After all the chaos going on is over and you finally settle down, it is now time for your luck to shine.

How are your new neighbours going to be? Will they be a blessing sent from heaven or are they going to be staying on your nerves every single day? The movers associated with state that neighbours are one of the most important part of adjusting into the new environment, they are the ones that look out for you during a crisis, share your grief and joys.

Even the most beautiful house in the most welcoming neighbourhood can become a nightmare when you live next to the wrong kind of people.

Different kinds of annoying neighbours:

Neighbours will little to no ethics of living in a society can range from the ones that disrupt the peace of mind of others by being loud above an extent like screaming moms, crying babies, fighting couples, late night partiers and the ones who play their music on speakers.

To the ones that litter excessively, leave their trash out to rot, don’t clean up the faeces of their pets, and ruin your gardens by plucking flowers or blowing the leaves from their yard to yours.

And the worst of them all the nosy neighbours who gossip around and spread rumours that tends to create a false image, usually as a bad influence, of you in front of other people but somehow are able to put on their fake faces in front of you so you never suspect them of back biting.

Should you ignore their behaviour?

Trying to pay no attention to the inconvenience if it happens rarely is probably the best option since people tend to act immature and selfish when they have been going through a terrible day which is very human of them so they shouldn’t be blamed. If the problem is persistent everyday then it is time to take a stand for your peace and have a conversation with them.

Being respectful:

The best way for you to resolve your issues is in person. Most people have no idea that their leisure activities might be driving you crazy. Meet them at a neutral place like outside your property, a hall or a sidewalk, at an appropriate time so that you both are calm and level headed. Discussing the problem that you are facing is a lot better than starting a heated argument and pointing fingers which will just lead to the issue remain unresolved.

Use a non-accusatory tone of voice to treat the issue as a misunderstanding instead of causing a war. Do not lose your patience and have a sensible discussion instead of ranting about your problems that way you can better understand why they were doing it and learn to compromise, avoid getting too self-centered, not everything can happen in your favour and you cannot simply take away someone else’s  right to do what they like.

For instance if your neighbour plays loud music, you cannot get mad at them for listening to it, but you both can sit together and come up with an agreement where they don’t play their music past your bed time. See as simple as that.

Meet for a follow up with them after some time and if the problem still remains unsolved, make a polite reminder but if your neighbours have made the effort to compromise, then bring them a little gift or just thank them, for taking your comfort into consideration it will make them happier about doing it.

For neighbours who show no sign of changing their attitude, you could always seek help from the other people living in the neighbourhood who may be facing similar issues, being approached by a large group instead of a single person could help. But remember that you are not supposed to storm them or make them feel threatened.

Potentially dangerous neighbours:

Bad neighbours might irritate you but they are generally harmless and whatever they do is completely legal. If you think your neighbours are being sketchy, seem like they are a harm to the society like drug dealers, mafia gangs and abusive partners, talk to other people in your area and make a unanimous decision to further investigate and after being sure of the situation, call the police so that the matter can be handled professionally without you or others being risked.

Dealing with neighbours who tend to give you a hard time is draining yet necessary. Keeping this in mind you should also be aware of the fact that the activities you are indulging in could be making you a bad neighbour as well. When moving to a new neighbourhood, never be hypocritical to do what you would want others to do for you.

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