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Does Age Difference Matter In A Relationship?

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Does age matter in relationships? We mostly see men go for younger women and women go for elder men. Why does this happen? Does the age difference between the couple help in any way to make the relationship a success? 

Why do men prefer younger women? Young women are more fertile and youthful. Men assume the position of the head of the family and do not want to be intimidated by an elder woman. Women prefer elder men as they are more mature than men of their age. They are also successful and resourceful enough to take care of the family. 


This does not mean that it does not happen the other way. Elder women are often interested in younger men who are more energetic and fun to be around. Men too can be attracted to older women as they bring more maturity to the relationship. 

Because of the age difference, the respect for each other increases in a relationship. They are not jealous of each other’s success and support each other. Their lives are different. They have different tastes. It is a mutual respect which keeps them together. A study conducted by Emory University, Atlanta shows that the number of divorces increases when the age gap is more. 

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Earlier generations have seen more marriages between elder men and younger women as most women didn’t earn. They needed someone resourceful to take care of the family financially. They assumed the role of the mother and the one to take care of the house while the husband went out to earn. The equation has now changed. Women are just as capable as men are to take care of the financial needs. They choose to marry men they are compatible with and not just someone they feel safe with. As the age gap decreases, compatibility comes naturally. 

But then, love works in mysterious ways. No one can tell who they may fall for and why. The age hardly matters when one connects with another on a spiritual level. At the end of the day, all one cares about is someone to come home to. Age doesn’t matter, then.

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