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The Top 9 Smart Kitchen Appliances You Should Have in Your Smart Kitchen

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A gift in the form of kitchen appliances has always been a trend. However, with the advent of the technology, modern kitchen appliances makers have introduced latest technologies to make smart appliances which makes our lives much easier. Increasingly, on television, and the Internet, we are faced with the concept of “smart home”. In fact, this system was developed in the USA in the 1970s, but it is only now that the technology has allowed major manufacturers to get to the maximum. This concept includes the following elements –

  • Complete home automation, organized with the help of modern technology.

  • Providing maximum performance with resource and energy savings.

The Top Nine Smart Kitchen Appliances

We have compiled for you the top of the best, and smartest kitchen equipment, from a smart juicer blender to advanced Rotimatic roti maker, which not only helps you save time while cooking, but also creates tasty, and healthy dishes, spending a minimum of effort, and resources.


Nowadays, compact models of kitchen utensils, designed for use in small areas are gaining more and more popularity. If you are economically unprofitable to spend money on a large stationary oven, take a closer look at the mobile stove which can be conveniently located even on the smallest surface. Now you can find an induction hob, which can be connected to Wifi. And, through a special application set the cooking time, and the desired temperature remotely.


“Smart” kettle, perhaps the most common item of dishes in the category of Internet household appliances for the kitchen. On the shelves you can find a sufficient range of models produced by well-known companies. Most of these structures are equipped with a liquid crystal display, and touch-sensitive buttons for manual operation. If you want to make the device work remotely, connect the gadget via Wi-Fi to your mobile device. All brands have versions for Android and iOS.


You don’t feel like paying too much at a pizzeria for food, but sometimes it’s like hunting for a crunchy, and tasty pizza. For those who wish, the most advanced kitchen appliance company Rotimatic Rotimaker machine has introduced its smart product Roti maker. It is designed as a platform to make any type of flatbread, be it puffy roti, crunchy puri, or pizza bread. It connects to the internet, and upgrades with features that add more variety to your menu. All you need is oil, flour, salt, and water. Need not to add any hidden formulas, additives, preservatives, chemicals, or frozen items. Rotimatic knows the importance of delicious food in our Indian Culture, especially when it comes to roti.


A small device that can significantly improve the quality of life of elderly people, people with disabilities and patients with Parkinson’s disease. The main advantage of the “smart” spoon is the built-in system that captures the shaking of a sick person’s hand, and evenness the shaking of the device itself. Thus, people who for years were unable to eat completely, and suffered the manifestations of the disease, will be able to enjoy their own meals.


Smart Wine Rack – the love of a passionate drinker. There is now a wide variety, and the price starts from your affordable range. There are models to store red and white wines, both individually, and together. Depending on the model, the shelves are made of metal or wood. The number of bottles also varies – 8 pieces can be placed in the most modest storage facilities, and up to 16. A complete carbon filter for air purification, and lighting is possible.


The “smart” coffee machine will remember all your tastes, and preferences – what kind of strength you prefer to drink, how many spoons of sugar you like, add milk, and even calculate the ideal foam density for you. But, the main advantage of this type of coffee maker is the ability to access the World Wide Web. And, that means that wherever you are at the moment, you can always get in touch with the gadget, and start the process of preparing a delicious, and aromatic drink.


Modern smart refrigerators can have much more functionality than their predecessors. The main materials of the refrigerator are white plastic and metal, which offer additional protection against external damage, and the appearance of fingerprints. The control panel is often hidden inside the cabinet, so child protection is provided. It evaporates excess moisture. Durable glass shelves can support up to 30 kg in weight.


Cooktops are an alternative to the usual gas stove, and reincarnation of electric stoves. New models obtain the variability of the degree of heating in all zones, and are equipped with displays with wide functionality. It is sufficient to hang it on board the pan to keep up with the temperature, and keep it in optimal condition throughout the process.


Dishwashers have long ceased to be a luxury, and now allow every third woman to break free from the tedious work of washing dishes with their hands. But, the dishwasher manufacturers do not stop at what has been done, and continue to develop equipment to a qualitatively new level. Now, this household assistant not only washes everything to shine, it also calculates the amount of dishes loaded, and determines the consumption of liquid enough for the best result, which will save water and electricity bills. For better control, most modern models are equipped with an LCD display. All devices have a delayed start, a safety system and a child lock, which significantly reduces the risk of getting burned while working.

Conclusion: How to choose the elements of the “smart” kitchen?

Our top is great, but how to choose a quality product from all this? If we are talking about the roti maker, pay attention to the design, usability, and the power consumption. This data will help you calculate your energy costs, and see if your roti maker can work steadily in your home. And, do not forget to see the Rotimatic Rotimaker reviews online.

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