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5 Dream Inventions That We Wish Were Real

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Human beings take so much pleasure in weaving clouds of faint hope and artificial achievements. If humans take so much enthusiasm in just having a dim glimpse of that victory, then how amusing it would be if those dreams would turn into reality. We are stuck with ample of chores and worldly anxieties in our daily lives. How much we desire that science and technology of today, create inventions that can minimize our stress and lighten our burdens.

downloadHere are a few dream innovations that human beings wish were real:


  • Memorizing Pen

download (1)The most stressful phase in a youth’s life is when he or she has to prepare for an examination. Even after straining your eyes throughout the night, and cramming all the matter, you end up with a miserable or average score. To make exam preparations easier, all teens wish to hold a memorizing pen in their hands. A miniature camera is attached to its cap that records the notes like a video camera. It reads the question paper and matches the answers to the questions and automatically gives relevant answers according to the questions. If such a pen is devised by technology, then the life of teens would be just so plain and relaxing.


  • Time Machine

download (2)At times we feel so discontent of losing our childhood times. We even feel remorseful over certain moments of our lives when we took a false step and created a miserable disposition of our lives. We even pressurize our brains over future strategies. It would have been so fortunate if we were bestowed with a time machine that would carry us to our past or future. We would have simply been merited with a second chance to improve the present and ultimately the future status of our lives. We can save the world from havoc created by terrorist attacks and natural calamities.


  • Cloud 9 Mansion

download (3)Cloud 9 mansion, is every human being’s heavenly mansion that is all living creature’s dream. How leisurely and comfortable our lives would have been if there were the owner of a residence that would clean itself, and work according to our instructions just by our voice. What, if one day before we step our foot on the floor, the house would slide the slippers under our feet and would self-open the doors. We would have felt as if we’re in heaven.


  • Mind Reader 

People are always anxious about their words, habits, actions and its drastic effects on other people and its outcomes. We always wonder what people perceive about our particular deeds and speech. To know what a second person secretly thinks about us in his mind, a mind reader must be developed. How much we tempt for a device that could read other’s mind so that we act accordingly and prevent ourselves from taking any wrong action or hurting a third person’s sentiments.


  • Humanoid Robot

download (4)Last, but not the least, is the invention of a humanoid robot that could perform according to our instructions like software in which we feed data, and it works accordingly. A humanoid robot could easily manage chores and complete a particular task within a few minutes.

Till now these inventions just cross our minds regularly. We can just hope that our dream inventions come into real existence and be a part of our lives soon in future.

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