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Eastern Orthodox Traditions And The Reasons Behind Them

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So, What are the Most Common Eastern Orthodox Traditions and Their Reasons?

There are a lot of eastern orthodox traditions that are a little more well known than the others. They are known to almost everyone. But the reasons are not so clear. We know that they are meant to be done and hence we do it. But all the traditions have their meaning and reasons. They were not just made up because it popped up in someone’s head. These traditions, instead of being pretty orthodox, are still in fashion and are greatly appreciated as they are a sign of friendship, love, and harmony.

eastern orthodox traditions

Here are the most common eastern traditions and the reasons behind them.

Clinking of Glasses

clinking of glasses


This is one of the most common eastern orthodox traditions across the world. We often see people even now clink their glasses and go “Cheers!”. This has a reason behind it, of course.

It is believed that every time the Vikings used to sit for a drink with their rivals in the early 1000s they used to clink their glasses so that the drinks in both the glasses get mixed. It is the Vikings who started this tradition so that if their rivals think of poisoning them they will end up poisoning themselves. This is a gesture of mutual trust.

Raising A Toast

We often see at parties that people often raise a toast in someone’s honor and is one of the most known eastern orthodox traditions. This tradition was started in early 1700. This was done for the good health of the one the toast is raised to.

This might be one of the most orthodox tradition but it is still in fashion.

Shaking of Hands

shaking of hands

Still in fashion but completely orthodox. Every time we meet someone, the first thing we do or see people doing is shake hands. Ever wondered what might be the reasons behind it?

In earlier days people, mostly warriors, knights or kings, used to carry swords in the scabbard on their left side so that if they were needed to attack someone they can take out the sword with their right hand and fight. So when people shake hands it means they are there for friendship, not battle.

“Bless You”


We often see old people, even the not so old people say “Bless you” when we sneeze. What can be the reason for this now?

Some people say our heart stops for a second when we sneeze. But that is not really the case. Our heart never stops beating but skips a beat which means there is a delay between two subsequent beats.



Whenever something good happens to us we often knock on the door or touch something that is made up of wood so that the good thing stays.

People believe that trees are where all the mystical creature stays like good spirits, fairies, etc who helps the bad luck go away.

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