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6 Reasons why Seinfeld will Always be one of the best Sitcoms EVER!

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6 Reasons why Seinfeld will Always be one of the best Sitcoms EVER! 1

Seinfeld, undoubtedly, is one of the best sitcoms to hit the television screen in the 90s. A precursor to Friends and How I met your Mother, Seinfeld was one of the first shows to dispel the notion of sitcoms being just slapstick comedies. It employed wit and humour to gift us with one of the best shows ever.

Jerry Seinfeld:

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This man’s contribution to the show was invaluable. From script-writing to acting, he did it all to perfection. The opening skit before every episode for the first few seasons was innovative and well, funny because all said and done the man is a comic genius. His on-screen persona is a charming delight, although he is a neat freak and  some of his jokes may be considered ‘politically incorrect’ in today’s times.

There will never be another character like Kramer:

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Kramer is like that one friend we all have who frustrates us most of the time, but we adore him anyway. He is original neighbour’s food poacher, and living next to him would not be easy.

Add to that his crazy business ideas and brutal honesty, he is not the ideal friend. But he can also be the sweetest and kindest person you will meet. Beware, he knows how to guilt trip you if you take away his keys to your apartment.

George and his ‘Yada Yada Yada’:

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Admit it, you have felt like bombing George once in a while. Jason Alexander’s portrayal of George, I feel, is one of the best television performances ever. He is faulty and pessimistic. His attitude towards Susan before and after her death will make your blood boil.

But at the end of the day, seeing him sad and helpless will melt you. From having nothing, he takes up jobs, buys a flat and regains some balance in his life. But luck with the ladies? Nah.

Elaine’s handling of these three men in her life:

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The modern woman of the 90s, who has absolutely no qualms about her sexuality, Elaine lends a vivacity and energy to the show that is invaluable.

The way she handles the three guys, and keeps coming back to them even after having left them to fend for their own, is a true symbol of friendship. She handles her own love life, and helps them understand the women they are dating. She is progressive, and likes to believe in good causes. Also, Julia Louis Dreyfus has a laugh to die for.

The Bubble Boy and the Soup Nazi:

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The show gifts us some unforgettable characters. They are so unique and so unlike each other, that you have got to applaud David and Seinfeld’s work. Be it the unique bubble boy or the eccentric soup shop-owner or Mulva, it is hilarious.

Jerry and George’s parents deserve a mention for their own merits as characters. Each episode gives us a character which one is not likely to forget.

A realistic view of American dating:

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Numerous hook-ups and break-ups happen through the course of the show. All of them are serial daters, hoping to stumble onto their dream partner which they never do.

While Jerry is finicky, George undecided and Elaine a tad shallow, Kramer is simply oblivious. This leads to a number of incidents which will make you facepalm really hard.

While this show, I confess is old it is worth a watch. Reputed as a, show about nothing, it tells the story of everything that happens on a normal day in life.



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