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The Story Of Cravings And How To Beat Them

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We all crave to look fit and edgy by getting rid of the accumulated fat in all the wrong areas. And it is well known that 70% changes in our body are brought about by the adequate intake of healthy food. However, while following a proper diet, it is pretty hard to curb those *cravings*!

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After indulging in the delectable choco lava cake, you will surely kill your enervation, but the fat in your body will just stay intact. These cravings are your biggest enemy if you are trying to look slender by trimming down your body. So, to beat your enemy, you need to understand the enemy first.
So, the simplest explanation for cravings is this-

The first human appeared on earth around 1 or 2 lakh years ago when there was no farming or anything.So thereupon every human had to hunt for their food which inexorably wasn’t an easy task. So, they always tried to consume food which was high in calories (especially sugar) in order to get the much-needed energy.

So, it can be concluded that we are inherently genetically modified to have an affinity towards sugar(which is high in calories and gives instant energy).This fondness for high-calorie food was acceptable and justified 1-2 lakh years ago, as the people back then exerted their body a lot for the completion of most of their tasks by running, walking, hunting etc.

Currently, in the 21st century, our brains are still in that ‘hunting mode’ but our lifestyle has changed to a large extent. We all have office jobs now and we are not nomads anymore. We sit at one place and do our tasks, but we still have an affinity for high-calorie foods which our bodies can’t work off by themselves!
People don’t generally crave for chicken breast or paneer. It is rather something like cake or chicken patties or maybe a burger. Basically, anything with carbs! and this is only because our brains crave carbs as they get easily broken down by the body and are packed with energy.
**The one carb that is easiest to break down is sugar**
Every time you crave for a chocolate cake or a lemon tart, instead of killing your craving with that cake which has zero nutrition, you can consume some form of protein.
This can be explained well because protein is structurally very complex and thus it is difficult for the body to break it down. So, whenever you eat protein, you feel full, as your stomach takes some good time to absorb it fully.
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By consuming protein you are definitely killing that craving and getting some good nutrition as well which you weren’t getting through that cake. Make sure that you eat ‘clean, lean’ protein which is carb free, and low in fat.
Examples- grilled chicken breast, legumes, paneer, protein shake
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Every single time you beat a craving, you significantly build more resistance. If you control a craving today, you will feel less attracted to that choco lava cake tomorrow. Or at least, your craving will not be that strong and resultantly over a period of time, your will-power will strengthen.
Every time you crave for something unhealthy, try to visualize your body in a great shape and think of all the compliments you will be getting. This will motivate you to reach your fitness target.
Remember that even that one spoon of ice-cream has a bunch of calories which is not required by your body.
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That one spoon of ice-cream can be the difference between you being unhealthy and unhappy or healthy and the happiest you can possibly be!
After reaching a good level of fitness, you will understand that it is not just the external happiness that you get, but it is also a lot about the happiness you get inside your body.
Even after healthy eating and rigorous workout sessions, you need to stay psychologically strong to achieve your goal

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