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Father’s Day Shopping Got You Stumped? 5 Super Cool Tech Gifts

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Ah, technology, how we love thee. Do you know what else we love? Our dads. So, with Father’s Day just around the corner, why not combine the two. Whether you have a dad who is a real tech-head or a father who is the exact definition of non-techie, the items on this list will garner appreciation from both types of guys. Why? Because they are useful, will make their lives a little easier and add a lot more fun.

Father's Day Shopping Got You Stumped? 5 Super Cool Tech Gifts 1

1. UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Charger

Our phones are covered in bacteria, with 25,127 living on it per square inch. And because health and safety are atop most people’s minds these days, cleaning is especially relevant now. Knock out any potentially harmful germs with a phone case capable of using a specialized bacteria-zapping UV light to cleanse dad’s cell as it charges.

2. Wi-Fi Security Camera Kit

This might just be that rare “perfect” gift. A Wi-Fi security camera combines all dad’s love of safety and protection with high-tech capabilities that are just plain cool. Features like hands-free Smart Home voice capabilities that sync to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Smart Motion detection to avoid false alarms, built-in two-way talk mics and local microSD storage. You can purchase indoor- or outdoor-specific versions based on what you think the big guy prefers.

3. Fingerprint-Enabled Padlock

We’re pretty sure you’ve gifted your pops some classic running shoes or stylish workout gear for Father’s Day in the past. Most dads want to stay healthy and fit to ensure they’re around for their kids for years to come. But this year, why not make the tired trend of gifting healthy essentials cooler by giving it a tech upgrade in the form of a fingerprint-enabled padlock. These locks no longer depend on dials or easy-to-lose keys, but keep his stuff safe with advanced fingerprint sensors. Perfect for hitting the gym or keeping his bike locked up safe and sound.

4. Smart Power Strip and Wi-Fi Surge Protector

Who knew something as bland as a power cord strip could evolve into something so high tech. With these app-powered surge protectors, you can give your dad the gift of never coming home to a dark house again. This smart power strip will let him program lights, fans, even appliances to turn on and off at preset times automatically. It’s as easy as plugging it into his nearest outlet.

5. Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller

If your dad is the master gardener or maybe just proud to show off his pristine lawn, then he’ll enjoy our next home tech gift. A Wi-Fi-enabled sprinkler controller. Using a simple app, a person can run their sprinklers, set specific irrigating schedules and even keep an eye on their outdoor water usage.

Dad’s Come in All Shapes and Sizes

No two dads are the same. Some will be first-time fathers this year, while others will meet their third grandchild. The best thing about giving tech-centered gifts is their usability fits every type of dad’s lifestyle. Whether it’s a Wi-Fi security camera or a smart power cord, they’ll get functional, well-designed products that most importantly help them live their life a bit more brilliantly.

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