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The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See!

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“Grab the Monet and lets Gogh.”

Wondering what are the top Tumblr art blogs for you to visit?

Today, enjoying art in person isn’t an option anymore. That’s where Tumblr comes into the picture, providing you with the ultimate museum experience without actually having to leave your couch. The ease of use and general aesthetic appeal has quickly made Tumblr one of the most popular micro-blogging sites available (if not the most popular) with over 45 million users!

However, it’s safe to say that there are many options for choosing art blogs. Whether you’re looking for visual inspiration from the history of art or original designs, or you’re keen to transform your Tumblr page into an art gallery at the click of a button, fret not! We’ve done all the hard work for you! Here are the curated top 15 Tumblr art blogs that you need to see.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need to See

Here are the top Tumblr art blogs you will love to visit if you love arts. Click on each of the headings, and it will take you to the blog.

  1. The Chromatic Watch

Every post is a surprise at The Chromatic Watch; you will never know what to expect from them. They upload daily, with a wide range of artists and styles. They are very good at spotting and highlighting artists from places that cannot be seen in most blogs.

They’re also very good at having quite a lot of artists like Petra Collins, Ren Hang, and Sarah Awad, which will give you the feeling of being ahead of the curve. As a silver lining, they always add a quick poetic touch to each of their artworks in the description.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 1
Image Courtesy: The Chromatic Watch on Tumblr
  1. We And The Colour Tumblr Art Blog

Dirk Petzold founded this art blog in an attempt to showcase the most creative brains from around the world. This Tumblr art blog inspires people by portraying that creativity has no bounds by covering a lot of variety in their posts like art, architecture, photography, illustration, and even film-making!

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 2
Image Courtesy: We and The Color
  1. Eran Hillel

Eran Hillel has a unique way of portraying their art. Their work is fun but a little sad and nostalgic… and evokes a feeling of calmness. Hillel is also known for his hypnotic gifs. It’s like the feeling you get when the waves of the ocean hit your feet or the soothing rays of the early sun on your skin.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 3
Image Courtesy: Eran Hillel on Tumblr
  1. Radiographista

This Tumblr art blog remains updated every single day, with a straightforward theme for each day. Monday is for Branding, Tuesday is for Typography, Wednesday is for Editorial, Thursday is for Industrial, Friday is for Illustrations, Saturday is for architecture, and Sunday is for web design. So, if you’re looking for some typography inspiration, Tuesday is probably the best day to drop by for some fresh typography posts.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 4
Image Courtesy: Radiographista on Tumblr
  1. The Backmatter Tumblr Art Blogs

This blog was created for showcasing the best of all the upcoming design projects. Filled with plenty of crisp, high-resolution images, this art blog goes one step ahead and adds thoughtful, lengthy write-ups for each project.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 5
Image Courtesy: The Backmatter on Tumblr
  1. Ugly Renaissance Babies

The Renaissance had to be one of the weirdest periods in art history, where babies were depicted to look like tiny, fully grown humans. This art blog exists to glorify many of these ugly babies, and as an additional benefit, are paired with uproarious captions.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 6
Image Courtesy: Ugly Renaissance Babies on Tumblr
  1. Adult Art Club Tumblr Art Blogs

Run by Jonny Costello, this Tumblr art blog is a literal depiction of class and elegance. This blog is successful at displaying graphic design, photography, art direction, and illustrations. Head over for some fantastic inspiration or to simply please your eyes with some genuinely beautiful art.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 7
Image Courtesy: Adult Art Club on Tumblr
  1. This Isn’t Happiness.

Pete Nidzorski’s art has a strange theme that you’ll grow accustomed to as you explore more and more of the blog. This blog is a beautiful amalgamation of art, vintage photography, and design. Check them out for some inspirational and entertaining content.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 8
Image Courtesy: This Isn’t Happiness on Tumblr
  1. Ting-An Ho Tumblr Art Blogs

Ting-An Ho has a not-your-basic black and white aesthetic portrayed on their Tumblr art blog. Heavily inspired by nature, this blog isn’t precisely minimalistic. It edges more towards the crisp and clean style. Ting-An Ho’s art has an exciting way of using various characters.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 9
Image Courtesy: Ting-An Ho on Tumblr
  1. Eat Sleep Draw

Eat Sleep Draw is presented as a virtual art gallery. With its frequent updates and lots of inspirational content, it is easily one of the best Tumblr art blogs available out there. It’s pretty easy to get lost in a sea of fantastic art presented by the blog.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 10
Image Courtesy: Eat Sleep Draw on Tumblr
  1. Female Artists of Art History

The patriarchal society standards of history are well known to all of us. Under these standards, quite a considerable chunk of amazing artwork was smothered and never given much recognition as their creators were women. This blog seeks to provide all the women artists throughout the centuries the attention they truly deserve.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 11
Image Courtesy: Female Artists of Art History on Tumblr
  1. DOMO-A

DOMO-A is an art director, and graphic design studio based in Barcelona focused on branding and user experience. Their work aesthetic and web design have a very similar brutalist feel to it. This art blog is the right place for finding brutalism based art.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 12
Image Courtesy: DOMO-A on Tumblr
  1. Beautiful Type

Beautiful Type is a creation of Francis Chouquet and Aurélien Foutoyet, two web designers who are immensely passionate about typography. The additional page which features a recommendation of cool typography books is a cherry on the cake for this art blog.

The top Tumblr art blogs
Image Courtesy: Beautiful Type on Tumblr
  1. I Heart My Art

This art blog is a precious collection of contemporary art and vintage photography. Run by Blair Prentice, a Canadian artist, and graphic designer, it is a complete repository of art. Check this Tumblr art blog out if you’re looking for something different.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 13
Image Courtesy: I Heart My Art on Tumblr
  1. Design Cloud

Design Cloud is a clean, easy to navigate Tumblr art blog covering a massive selection of design fields. From architecture to illustration, you’ll probably find everything you need right here. It includes a lot of new work as well as art with a historical background.

The Top 15 Tumblr Art Blogs You Need To See! 14
Image Courtesy: Design Cloud on Tumblr

Here are all the different types of Tumblr art blogs that exist out there. There are over 45 million users on Tumblr, so it’s pretty easy to get lost in a sea of creativity. Hopefully, this collection of art blogs will help you on your journey to finding inspiration or creating the perfect art blog more accessible for you.

Over to you!

Which of these top Tumblr art blogs did you already know about? Did you find your new favorite in this collection? Let me know in the comments below

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