Four Hidden Treasures Yet To Be Recovered

Four Hidden Treasures Yet To Be Recovered 1

We have grown up listening to stories about pirates, their hidden treasures and the brave men and women who go out in search for them. Because of the advancement in technology, most of the world has been explored already. But there are a few of these treasures- royal jewels, pirate treasures, etc. which are waiting to be found. 

Here’s a list of four of such hidden treasures:

  • La Chouette d’Or, The Hidden Golden Owl– In the year 1993, a man with the alias ‘Max Valentin’ decided to hide a golden owl in the French countryside. He claimed that the one who would find it would be awarded 1 million Francs. He gave out eleven clues too. There have been many who have attempted to find it but have not succeeded. Valentin himself assured the hunters that he periodically checked the hidden spot to see if it was safe. He had noticed disturbed ground around the area and hence concluded that there must have been someone who had come close. He died in 2009, and the owl has not been found yet.


  • Nader Shah’s Treasure– Persian invader Nadir Shah entered Delhi in 1739 and caused a massacre. He looted so much wealth that the treasure caravan was said to be 150 miles in length. His good fortune did not last for long as on his way back home, he was murdered. It is believed that the murdered Ahmad Shah died too but managed to hide Nadir Shah’s treasure somewhere in the tunnels of Hindu Kush mountains.


 $63 Million Hidden in Bedford Country, USA– In 1816, Thomas Beale and his colleagues discovered a large amount of wealth while mining somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. All of them wanted their kins to get the wealth if anything happened to them. Beale wanted the kins to work hard to attain the wealth, and hence, he created three ciphers- one with the name of the kins, one with the location of the treasure and another with the description of the wealth. The men kept the wealth with one Robert Morris, who was supposed to open it after ten years. By then, if Beale would not return for it, the key to the cipher would be mailed to Morris. But that never arrived. Hence, the treasure worth $63 million is still hidden somewhere.

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  • Treasure of Mir Osman Ali- Mir Osman Ali was the last Nizam of Hyderabad. He inherited the throne when the treasure was almost empty because his father had an extravagant lifestyle. He turned the situation by succeeding to acquire a huge amount of wealth on his own. Now this wealth of his is hidden in the underground chambers of King Kothi Palace. This wealth has not been recovered yet.

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