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10 Games That Gave Us the Most Amazing Childhood

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“ Cheater..cheater..(chorus)..cheater..Neha is a cheater”, these were the harshest words we said to make someone feel guilty of not having played the game truthfully. As kids, most of us spent a lot of time on the sports field, streets, and lanes playing the games we loved, which were more important to us than anything else.

Most of these games were passed down to us from our parents, and these games are still played by the kids today. Called by different names by different people, the following games are common for everyone, especially the 90’s kids.

Here is a list of those silly yet enjoyable games which gave us beautiful memories to cherish.

  1. Chain chain chainChain chain has been one of the most favourite game of everyone. The chasers form a chain by holding hands to catch the runners. The ones who have played the game would how it feels to run when more than fifteen people are in a chain, all trying to move in a different direction.
  2. I sent a letter to my mother ChickShedCircle190Remember sitting in a circle and waiting for the handkerchief to be dropped behind you? Singing ‘I sent a letter to my mom, on the way I dropped it..someone came and picked it up and put it in my pocket’ and waiting eagerly for the runner to fall. Arghhhhh. Flashbacks.
  3. Name place animal thing npat Everyone went angry when ‘hat’ was what everyone wrote in the things column for ‘h’ and did not get points for that. Making up names for the places and arguing that there exists one was a delight. Every time the teacher was absent or even between classes, this game has always been a favourite.
  4. Red letter redIt is a great sense of achievement when the alphabet called out is a part of your name, and you jump as many times as it comes in your name and then run to save your life after touching the chaser’s back. Only the ones who have played the game, know this joy.
  5. Colour man colourThe amazing device which would predict the future was the most exciting. “Colour man, colour man which colour do you want to choose?” The numbers and colours could tell whether it is London or Chattisgarh that you will be travelling to and with Preity  Zinta or with Hrithik Roshan.
  1. Hopscotch hop Most people can relate their childhood to this game. The ten squares we made on the ground with chalk and jumped on them on one leg and then on two, provided more fun than anything else. Most commonly known as kit-kit, this game has been played by most of our grandparents too.
  1. Killer chit*Wink*….*wink*…dead..! The game where you prayed hard to be the killer. The chits with the detective, killer, person 1 and person 2 written on them were the secret joys we hid in our pencil boxes whenever the teacher was on rounds.
  1. Corners cornerThe ultimate joy and the ‘yes! We-Did –it’ feeling when we changed corners with our partner and the chaser could do nothing, was the best. Although this required corners, the game was exciting.
  1. Pitthoo pitNothing could provide such satisfaction as the seven stones and a ball. Hours could be spent playing this and homework seemed useless when this game was a matter of life and death.
  1. Doctor touch games Seeing the chaser running with one hand on his leg was not an unusual sight. This hilarious game of chasing by moving the body part which the previous chaser had touched was too much fun. No doubt we tried to touch our friends in the weirdest locations.

No matter how silly and stupid these games were, they gave us the best childhood. Let us cherish those beautiful days and tell the present generation that fun exists beyond PSPs and video games too.

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