Gender Stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes 1

Look that guy has no emotions! What’s new? Boys are supposed to be insensitive and have no emotions. Right? See that girl holding so many bags! Seriously yaar! Girls love nothing more than shopping. You are familiar or can easily recognize with this irrational and illogical nonsense.

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But have you ever pondered over the idea or tried to fathom why this is happening? Why is this dominant in the society? Why do people follow and accept such characterisations?

Men are insensitive, women love shopping and gossiping, boys prefer blue, girls go for pink, women should be passive and submissive, men should be more active and confident and of course, many more. These all are gender stereotypes.

Gender stereotypes are the generalizations of a group or community of people by their gender. But the question still stands, who has made it?  Nature or God or some other power? And the answer lies in ourselves because we, the society has made it so. Gender is not biologically determined; it is socially constructed. We have created such stereotypes for ourselves and always try abiding them. If someone tries to break free out of its shackles, then he or she is seen as abnormal or indifferent by the society.

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Do you  remember how from the childhood, we have been trained to behave, dress, talk and even walk in a particular style or manner in order to make us different from the other sex. Girls play with toys and boys don’t cry. Women remain at home and look after the children and household work, men go out for work and earn money. This is what we have been taught! From the very starting, we have been shielded by the rules and limits build by the society to grow as a person who is acceptable, desirable and appropriate in the vision of the community. We learn from our surroundings and behave accordingly. We all have been brought up on the canvas of sound characteristics, cultural expectations and accepted behavioural patterns such that even if we can see the individuality and singularity of a person, we don’t cease to assume or judge him/ her by gender.

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These stereotypes not only make males and females different in their outlook and behaviour but also narrow their mentality, limit their choices and roles, suppress their voice and personality and restrict their potential and talent.

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We, as a progressing and developing society should take action or work on eradicating these prevalent norms and conventions of our community. Since, each person has individual desires, choices, thoughts, feelings and emotions irrespective of what gender he/ she belong to. Men and women are first individuals; they are more than just males and females built and accepted by the society. So, people stop assuming and judging by the gender of an individual. Go and look for more meaningful and logical identification. Search for individuality and uniqueness rather than grouping people on one basis or the other.

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