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Glamorous World: 7 Celebrities With OCD

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The world of glamour is full of picture-perfect celebrities. Designer clothes, designer shoes, bags worth thousands of dollars, everything about them is always on-point and whatnot. But not everything you see is true; these picture-perfect celebrities are not perfect. They have their fair share of problems, and many of the world’s famous personalities have OCD issues.

OCD is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that is a mental illness that causes repetitive behavior or unwanted thoughts (obsession) or the impulse to do something repeatedly (compulsion). OCD can be both “good” or “bad.” They are not all negative or harmful. Some can be positive, like washing your hands several times a day or triple checking everything.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is pretty common in the world. More than one person out of 50 has OCD. In teenagers, since the age of 19, there can be signs of OCD. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the world of celebrities is also dealing with OCD.

Famous personalities worldwide who are our role models to millions face the same issues as us, and they are no different. Celebrities with OCD have come forward time and time again and discussed their issues in front of the entire world. They did this to make people comfortable that they are not the only ones; they are with them in this. And it is completely okay to be this way, and there is no shame in seeking help if needed.

Many celebrities with OCD include famous personalities from all over the world in every field. Amanda Seyfried, Charlize Theron or Jessica Alba, soccer player David Beckham or even everyone’s favorite HARRY POTTER. There are uncountable stories of scientists or painters who had mental health issues.

Here we have a list of celebrities with OCD who have come on global platforms and talked about it openly, and have been very candid about it in their interviews.


  1. Cameron Diaz

celebrities with ocd

The first person on our list of celebrities with OCD is none other than Cameron Diaz. She has starred in many movies like The Mask, Charlie’s Angels, etc. She is known for her energetic aura and her inspiring fitness life. Even after leading such a healthy life, she also suffers from OCD. She first admitted it openly in a 1997 article where she told how she has a phobia of germs.

Diaz admitted to opening doors either with her waist or her elbows. She cleans her house multiple times a day, and she said that to clean the doorknobs of her house and rubs them so hard that their original paint has faded off.

Since then, there hasn’t been any further discussion on this, but in 2007, she reported that she had made peace with her OCD.


  1. David Beckham

celebrities with ocd

No one in this entire world doesn’t know about David Beckham. The legendary soccer player has also come forward about his struggles with OCD. So, he had to appear on our list of celebrities with OCD.

He shared his struggles first in 2006, where he opened about his OCD that everything has to be in a straight line or definitely in pairs for him. He described it as a “weird compulsion,” and it started when he was a kid. Be it his hotel room, soft drinks cans in his fridge, everything must be in a straight line or pairs. Beckham puts the surplus of his groceries away if there is by any chance.

 It was not until his wife Victoria pointed it out that he noticed he has OCD. He was one of the first few professional players to come forward with his anxiety disorder. Even a famous personality like him was scared to admit it in front of the world. He said that he tried to stop his OCD, but he was unable to.

  1. Katy Perrycelebrities with ocd

Another person on our list of celebrities with OCD is Katy Perry. The singer-songwriter is loved all around the globe and rules the world of music for so many years. She has dealt with media almost all her life.

Perry has often spoken about her mental health publicly. During an interview with Elle Magazine, she talked about her OCD, said how she likes to color coordinate things, put things in alphabetical order, she hangs her items a particular way. She would freak out if things went out of her normal routine.

Perry said all these OCDs developed when she was very young. She is also a germaphobe and has crazy cleaning routines in her house.

  1. Daniel Radcliffe

celebrities with ocd

Our very own Harry Potter franchise star Daniel Radcliffe was diagnosed at the age of 5 with OCD. He has very publicly come forward and has urged everyone who was suffering from the same to seek help.

He shared his struggles and told me how he had to repeat every line under his breath before saying it aloud. Since the age of 5, he has had very severe compulsions as it took him several minutes to switch off a light of any room.

He encourages everyone to go through therapy as it has helped him so much to overcome his issues. Radcliffe said that therapy is not a sign of weakness or insanity. Despite all this, he has managed to have a very successful career in Hollywood from such a young age.

  1. Megan Fox

celebrities with ocd

Actress and model Megan Fox is the next person to come to our list of celebrities with OCD. In 2010, Megan spoke to Allure Magazine and was very vocal about her obsession with cleanliness.  She spoke about her mental health and explained her OCD in a little detail.

She said that she has sworn off public restrooms; she has this thing where the bacteria is all in the air there. In addition to this, she carries her own cutlery to the restaurants because she can’t use spoons or forks in fear of where they had been before. She has a huge phobia of germs and bacteria, and she has admitted that this a problem and that it is not okay.

It seems like celebrities and OCD go together; there are so many celebrities in the world who suffer from OCD. People need to seek help and get it out of their system; there is no need to hide it anymore. Everyone is in this together.

  1. Jessica Alba

celebrities with ocd

The next celebrity to come on our list of celebrities with OCD is Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba. The actress seemed to have spin the OCD around in her favor. She has claimed that OCD has helped her become successful. Her OCD is that she is a perfectionist and is always in need of control.

Some of her OCDs included unplugging all her house’s electronic appliances and double-checking if all the doors were closed at night. Alba has taken this OCD for her betterment and has made a statement that because of her OCD that when she does things, she does them more perfectly and to her best abilities.

The Hollywood actress also believes that OCD has made a lot of actors get better and successful. She believes that it is a part of being more creative, suggesting that the OCDs are their creative outlet, and it is the drive that makes them more successful.

  1. Amanda Seyfried

celebrities with ocd

Among many celebrities with OCD who have come up and talked about it openly, Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfried has been pretty vocal about hers too.

She talked to Allure Magazine about her OCD, and the first thing she wanted everyone to know was that OCD is no joke. It is not a thing to be taken lightly, and it is not at all a small thing to have.

She shared that she has been on an antidepressant since 19 years old and plans to go never off it. She has a health OCD where she obsessively worries about things. One instance would be thinking that she has a tumor in her brain; she had an MRI and even met neurologists, who further recommended a psychiatrist. Other things that worry her are stoves; she fears that someone could start a fire, which resulted in the star removing her stove from her guesthouse in New York.

Seeking help from a psychiatrist was really successful for her; it calmed her down. Seyfried shared that as she got older, she learned a little to control her thoughts, and it helped her know that her OCDs are not reality-based, and her fears have decreased a lot.


Stars like Frank Sinatra, Leonardo DiCaprio, singer Camila Cabello, and even the USA president Donald Trump suffer from OCDs and have come forward on multiple occasions and shared about it.

There are many celebrities with OCD who have come forward time and time again to share about their mental health. There is no big or small illness, and it is always best to seek help through prescribed medications or therapy.

There are many specialists available to help you through these times, and it is researched that with correct medications and therapy, OCD can be controlled. It is best advised not to hide this part about you if you have shown any tendencies of OCD as it is not a weakness. One should seek help and grasp control over it.

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