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Google Pixel 2 Leaks And Rumours

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The two most- awaited smart phones of 2017 are? – It’s a question that anyone can answer blindfolded. Apart from Apple’s Tenth Anniversary iPhone 8, the most anticipated phone of 2017 is Google Pixel 2. After Nexus, Google returned with its flagship every single year which mainly consists of premium stock Android with latest update features. On this note, Google mentioned that they will be introducing the bellwether Pixel range smart phones with top-notch specifications and the best performance camera one has ever experienced.

Rumours revealed that Pixel is the iPhone 8-influenced phone released by Google. One just has to ignore the back of the Pixel as it has messed up with glass and metal in a freakish way which is not going to satiate most of the harsh users.

  • Design:

The back of Pixel has already received many controversial questions from the critics to which they chose to remain silent. Firstly, some of the features of the phone which you will find awkward and rather by causing more effort to handle and also disturbs the first look of the Brand-new phone. Recent most news about Pixel revealed that there is one kind of people expecting the Pixel to be a clone like or iPhone-inspired phone, where the rest of the people believe that it would be the plain look Samsung Galaxy S7 phone with its resembling curved glass. Apparently, the glass panel and huge bezel of the phone look a little out of place. And the other chunk of glass right over the aluminium block does not seem to provide a good amount of protection at all.


Google Pixel 2 Leaks And Rumours 1
Source: Mirror

Once in a while, at the time of purchasing people are going look for a phone which deserves some integrity in the market. It’s very much common that out in the ocean of various choices of smart phones one would undoubtedly go for the strong and relevant looking design, not for the benign design which seemed to be made in a great haste by Google.

  • Camera:


Google Pixel 2 Leaks And Rumours 2

Where it is the question that “What about the high hopes about the camera?” Google will never compromise with the quality of the camera. Pixel had the dual rear camera setup compared with the iPhone and LG G6 in the market. XDA developers revealed that instead of having a single lens rear camera setup Pixel will have the multi-lens rear camera setup. On the other hand, it shouldn’t have the features like True optical zoom, Portrait modes like in iPhone and One Plus 5 which automates the task of taking pictures like a pro. But it is going to have a better night mode. People associated with Google are pretty buoyant about the camera setup more than ever.

  • Display:

According to a report from XDA developers, two of Pixels one with 6.00 inches (5.99 inches to be accurate) and the other one with the 5 inches display same as the previous one. Reports also revealed that the larger phone will be having narrower bezel which looks so much irregular with the pattern of the phone.


Google Pixel 2 Leaks And Rumours 3
Source: Daily Express

From the recent most news we came to know that Google will be having the secure OLED technology for the new Pixel 2 from LG display and Samsung Galaxy S8. From some purported leaks about the display specifies that the resolution of 1440p and the aspect ratio of 2:1 like the previous one.

  • Processor:


Google Pixel 2 Leaks And Rumours 4


Google Pixel 2 Leaks And Rumours 5
Source: Tech2


Most prominently we have seen so far Pixel is much resembling with Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy S8 will be having the MSM8995 chipset from the platform of chipset Snapdragon 835. So we can clearly envision the processor in Pixel which Google will be using in it. Then its forebears’ Pixel 2 phones are contemplated to be the longer-lasting phone for its dynamic Snapdragon 835 chipset along with the RAM of 4 GB as per the experts’ advice.

  • Water Resistance:

For the first Pixel phone release by Google seemed to be completed in a great haste. Nevertheless, the market was dominated by IP67 or IP68 water resistant technology, Google preferred to sport IP53 water resistant technology which is seemingly evidently found out to be protective from a few water splashes on the phone body but not from a dip in your swimming pool or in the water sports arena.


Google Pixel 2 Leaks And Rumours 6

Every single bellwether available in the present market like Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, iPhone 7S, 7S+ every brand has a specialised water resistance but Pixel looked a little unusual among them with its backdated water resistance technology of IP53.

  • Audio Experience:

Placing of the speakers were always a big problem for the different flagships. Many of the companies have ended up providing an earpiece for the secondary speaker grilles. As in Nexus 6P, they attempted to alleviate this serious problem by placing the both speakers in the front, but ostensibly it looked like it distorted the design of the front display. Nevertheless, it didn’t distort the display that much for Nexus 6P but as for the Pixel’s odd design it will inevitably disfigure the display.


Google Pixel 2 Leaks And Rumours 7
Source: Android-central

Also for the bottom-firing speakers, one of them at the back is not sufficient for enjoying the optimised audio. For enhanced stereophonic effect the phone needs to have the speakers on the either sides.

  • Inferences About Price:

According to TechRadar, the stand-in for the Pixel XL could hike a higher premium level than the current model. It initially starts from $769 and the nadir value of $649.

As reported by 9to5Google, Google conceded that Pixel 2 will be proposing an overture to scale down the price intending to cater the majority. But some of the associates like Osterloh sounded a little harsh by rebutting the overture and for early confirmation he further stated that there were no such plans to devalue the previously imposed price.

“the Pixel stays premium.” ,Ostenloh affirmed in an official statement.

  • Conclusion:


Google Pixel 2 Leaks And Rumours 8
Source: Tech2

As in confrontation with the newly reincarnated flagship, there are lot more competitors to battle with like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the forthcoming iPhone 8. Google’s Pixel range clarified most of Samsung Galaxy S8 with its large inches screen, copious battery life and sophisticated camera setup, now it’s time for a face off against iPhone 8. In a few months, we will get along with Pixel 2 and witness the clash between its long time rivals.

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