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Keller Williams: 101 Exquisite Guide to Applying

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The much-needed guide to Keller Williams.

Keller Williams is a United States-based real estate company, and here is all the essential information you need to have before becoming a part of Keller Williams Realty, Inc. The company that helps you find your dream home.

About Keller Williams Realty, Inc:

Keller Williams is a real estate company doing exponentially well in the real estate market. It is one of the largest companies in the real estate market. Keller Williams is the largest company in the world when agent count is considered, and in terms of the sale and sales volume, it is the largest company in the United States.

Origin of Keller Williams:

Let’s begin right from the company’s origin; Gary Keller and Joe Williams started the company in 1983. It started as a single office company in Austin, Texas, having over 940 Keller Williams offices around the globe.

Later in the late 1990s, the company expanded outside of Texas and opened the first-ever office in Oklahoma, which later became the most successful branch of the company. The company kept on growing, and in 2007, they introduced another division of their firm, which was called “Luxury Homes by Keller Williams,” this division of the company deals explicitly with luxury real estate properties for their clients.

International Expansion and the company transition into technology:

Between 2010-2016, Keller Williams expanded outside of the United States and proceeded into the Global market. By the end of 2014, the company had reached 100575 agents worldwide, becoming the largest real estate company in North America.

In the year 2017, the company started claiming itself as a technology company by launching KW labs, which was a division of the company that tests what the company has created alongside its agents.

Awards of Keller Williams Realty, inc:

One of the main things to notice about the company is that it is an Inc. 5000 company. Recognized as a Top 100 Real Estate Companies by Inc. magazine. Also, the magazine ‘Entrepreneur’ has identified the company as the Best of the Best franchise list.

The company has been listed as one of the “happiest companies to work for,” as reported by Forbes, which makes it a piece of delightful news for anybody interested in applying for a job position at Keller Williams.

Keller Williams- Company Divisions:

  1. Luxury Homes by Keller Williams
  2. KW labs
  3. KW commercials – deals with real estate commercials.
  4. KellerINK – publishing division of the company operated solely for the inspirational business books they publish.
  5. KW worldwide

Josh Team:

Josh Team is an innovator, investor, and executive at the company. He was the Chief innovation officer for the company for a long time and then became the president of KW Realty Inc. From Jan 2019 to quite recently, he was the company’s president.

What’s it like working for Keller Williams:

Let’s get to the real reason you are interested in this article, reasons are either you intend to apply for a job at Keller Williams, or you happen to explore random things on the web. If it is the first reason, as I assume, this is the article for you.

I’ll take you through and break down every aspect of working for the company, starting from the basics such as salary to telling you about the Keller Williams commitment to letting you in on the company’s working conditions.

The Keller Williams Office:

Keller Williams
By: Tony Webster/Flickr @Copyright 2020

The company is often described as a work-life balance company, giving its employees proper time and location flexibility. This is one of the main advantages of working for Keller Williams. The company has over 940 offices around the globe. The office is independently owned as far as the firm is considered.

Often described as a very comfortable and accessible work environment by most people who have worked in KW Realty inc.

Salary and other basic amenities:

The salary packages of the company on average range from $33,575-$94,151 depending on whether you are an agent or you sign listings for beneficiaries. In addition to the salary packages, the company offers other monetary and non-monetary perks.

These include; bonus pay, employee discount, and various types of insurances in monetary benefits to their employees. When it comes to the non-monetary benefits offered to their employees, it includes a flexible schedule, professional development assistance, and paid time off.

In addition to all this, the company offices being independently owned and operated gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility as employees. Overall, KW Realty Inc focuses on being an equal opportunity employer.

Keller Williams Realty Jobs:

The company’s primary focus is to search homes for their customers and help them find a lovely neighborhood to set their homes in. Thus, the company’s form and type of jobs also tend to be in and around this area.

The company has job openings generally in sales, management, and marketing. Each department usually has about 6-7 different positions to apply for. These are just the main divisions, and these divisions have a lot of sub-divisions that operate in the company.

The job positions which offer the highest pay in the company are; Business coach, Real Estate Agent, and Realtor. The average salary for these positions is above $900,000, making it a desirable offer and a very attractive job position.

Interviews at the Keller Williams Realty Inc:

The interviews at KW Realty, according to people who have attended it before, tend to be easy and take almost 2-3 days for the whole process to complete. Most people who have participated in the interviews have judged it quite favorably.

Their interview process generally includes an on-site interview, phone call (which is part of their screening process), a group interview, background check (and other references), and some problem-solving exercises.

Their interview questions are typical general questions about yourself and what you can contribute to the institution. You can get the first interview at KW by referrals from employers, through other people who have worked for the company, and contact the team leader after applying to a job position at the company.

Job security at KW Realty:

There is endless potential and opportunities in Keller Williams but is there job security? That question should be answered on a much deeper level. Real estate is a hazardous field to work in, and the job security of realtors tends to be more or less uncertain.

The company does ensure job security to all its agents and provides them with scope for future development. But the real question is, is it enough?

KW App and Website:


The Keller Williams website contains all the information there is to know about their company and helps people find their forever home. It helps find a KW agent and has information about all their offices.

It includes listings of their available properties. It also provides information about the various other divisions that the company has. Other social media handles of the company can be accessed through this website.

KW App:

The company recently launched an app in android and IOS, which helped it connect its agents with its clients much faster and easier. It allowed its clients to browse through the real estate listings and make their choices.

The app was an innovative part of the company, and it has benefited the company in quite a few ways. The app helps people stay connected with the agents even after the deal has been done.

Keller Wiliams and the fair housing act:

The fair housing act essentially stands against discrimination in the field of real estate and discrimination when it comes to advertising in the area of real estate. The Keller Williams Realty Inc follows the fair housing act very affirmatively.

The company works to its maximum capacity to make appropriate and non-discriminatory marketing and advertisement strategies. They have a very strict policy of not discriminating against people regarding taste, race, sex, religion, or status.

Keller Williams Realty Inc. is an equal opportunity employer in everything and follows the fair housing act properly.


In conclusion, Keller Williams Realty Inc overall seems to be quite an excellent place to work in, and if you are willing to work hard, it sure won’t be a task for you to get into or survive in the organization.

The Real estate market can be very competitive and challenging to work in, but the agents at KW Realty thrive in the market, and the company does offer them an appropriate reward for the effort they put in.

If the field of real estate and helping people find their forever homes is something that brings you joy, applying to Keller Williams is the best thing you will ever do. From loft apartments to penthouse apartments, everything and anything your client wishes Keller Williams helps you provide them with.




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