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Top Random Things To Draw

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Are you trying to refine your drawing skills?

Or learning how to draw?

Or just sitting at home and getting bored, so you are looking for random things to draw?

Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place to look for help. This article will help you find different things to learn how to draw or random things to draw for fun.

It is almost impossible to get ideas easily when you decide to sit and randomly draw anything in your leisure time or relax your mind. It is difficult to search for things to draw that you like or think of things to draw randomly. You might get frustrated and annoyed but don’t worry; we got you!

These random things to draw are selected from no known sources and just put together by me for creative purposes.

Here are some of the things you can do if you wish to draw and you are out of inspiration:

This online generator will give you suggestions on what to draw randomly, and you can choose accordingly or move on to the next. Use your creativity to add to that drawing.

This generator may provide absurd ideas, but you can change them and draw them however you wish to draw them. Use it according to your wish or as a source of getting inspiration.

You can find two types of generators online, one that shows up with one suggestion and a second one that comes up with several suggestions for you to choose from.

These sites will give random things to draw, and the rest is up to you to what you choose to draw and how.

  • Things To Draw To Refine Drawing Skills

Thinking about things to draw so you can practice? There are various options that you can choose to practice your drawing skills from and work through them easily. Some of the suggestions for random things to draw:

  • Draw facial expressions like happy, sad, angry, in love, and more. Facial expressions
  • Take your own hands and feet as subject matter. Drawing hands and feet can be quite complicated.
  • Work on drawing realistic eyes
  • Draw faces in all. They can be in any form, either actual sketches, cartoonish, or animated characters.
  • Draw natural objects like leaves, trees, flowers, snowflakes, rocks, and more like them.
  • Work on drawing patterns. Patterns in squares, circles, triangles, or other shapes or spaces.
  • Try drawing mandalas and filling them with different color compositions.
  • Draw different scenarios from your daily life, like a view of your room, your entire house, train station, roads, and traffic, etc. Focus on the minute details.
  • Draw alphabets in different fonts and styles.
  • Practice drawing circles. Drawing circles can be tricky and requires attention to detail. The circles can be accurate, lose or concentrated, and multiplied in themselves.
  • Draw different textures.
  • Practice working on the detailing of your artwork.
  • Basic Drawing Ideas

Looking for things to draw as you are learning how to draw? Don’t worry, we have you covered. These are some of the random things to draw to start working on your drawing skills.

  • Flowers like rose, sunflower, lily, and more.

    Random things to draw
    Photo by pure julia on Unsplash
  • Simple scenes of sunset and sunrise.
  • Simple structures of buildings.
  • Skyline of a city
  • Easy animated characters.
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Smurfs
  • Minions
  • Stars and planets
  • Mushrooms
  • Animated cats
  • Hearts
  • Simple curvy line patterns
  • Lips Learning how to draw
  • Cup and saucer
  • Hat
  • Gift box
  • Teddy Bear
  • Umbrella
  • Banner
  • Tiny Boat
  • Teapots
  • Coconut trees
  • Milk carton
  • Light bulb
  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • Lamp
  • Eraser
  • Bottle of juice
  • A Table


  • Random Things To Draw When You Are Feeling Artistic

  • Glasses
  • Cat in a hat
  • Pokémon characters
  • Dandelion in a garden
  • Robots in the future
  • Draw realistic eyes

    Learning how to draw
    Photo by DHANYA A V on Unsplash
  • Draw a cartoon penguin or cat or dog
  • Draw Bart Simpson
  • Draw Tom and Jerry scenes
  • Draw still life of your choice
  • Butterfly
  • Draw a Tulip
  • Draw simple faces or facial expressions
  • Draw with oil pastels
  • Draw with charcoal

    Charcoal Drawing
    Photo by Dusan Kipic on Unsplash
  • Draw the human body
  • Draw a Bottle of water
  • Draw a Zombie dancing around with blood pouring out of their mouth
  • Draw a ninja with a sword
  • Draw a Man with long hair
  • Draw a knight with a cape
  • Dolphins in the sea
  • Draw Whales
  • Draw some flowers in a vase
  • Draw a cute panda
  • Draw a bunny hiding behind the bushes
  • Draw a Fairy
  • Disney Princess like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Anna from frozen, and moreJasmine
  • Maleficent with enhanced dark features
  • Diamond Ring
  • Draw a birthday present wrapped with intricate design wrapper and ribbons
  • Draw Hot air balloons with or without people in it
  • Cake with candles
  • Skyline of different cities
  • Draw a Guitar with worn-out strings
  • Draw a Flute with a shadow
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Monkey in a hat
  • Horse
  • Draw a Mobile phone
  • Books forming a castle
  • Castle
  • Food on a platter
  • Fruits in a basket
  • Fruits
  • Draw a Cup of coffee
  • Draw a Sandwich
  • Different planets
  • The entire solar system
  • Draw a Hooded figure of a girl
  • Tattoo designs  TATTOO DESIGN
  • Draw a Mermaid underwater
  • Draw Mandalas
  • Draw some Pot designs
  • Sketch your living room
  • Sketches of different people or strangers by observing
  • Draw a cosmetic container
  • Draw a Garbage can
  • Clothes designed by you
  • Draw different lip movements like a smirk, smile, laugh, etc.
  • Santa with a Christmas tree
  • Draw a girl in a plaid shirt and a pony
  • Draw a Ballerina
  • Cupcake
  • Pizza with your favorite toppings
  • Draw a person eating noodles
  • Cookies
  • Draw Candies in different shapes and colors
  • Chocolates
  • Draw a tissue box
  • Draw an entire jewelry set
  • Draw Palm trees  Palm Trees
  • Trees arguing
  • Weird shapes as the faces of people
  • Draw a unique pair of shoes
  • Mountains and waterfalls
  • Cactus with a face wearing a coat
  • A hurricane approaching
  • Storm in the sea
  • Draw a boat stuck in the storm at the sea
  • Draw Aliens
  • Draw a Vampire with a detailed structure of the face
  • Draw a scene of the Graveyard
  • Draw a Surprised easter egg
  • Draw musical instruments dancing around in hell
  • Design a Haunted castle
  • Draw weird ice creams
  • Different shapes and forms of candles
  • Draw a Circus
  • Draw Clowns with different expressions like happy or sad
  • Draw a boy with a bat playing baseball
  • Draw some circles, and fill in different patterns or textures in each of them
  • Different shapes of eyes and eyebrows
  • Paint a picture of fireworks
  • Draw a ghost with scary features
  • Draw a scene of spring, of leaves, falling, and the weather is warm
  • Draw something in 3D
  • Draw a scenery visible from a window
  • Draw the things that make you dream
  • Draw something that you are scared of and give it a funny twist
  • Draw something really ugly and funny
  • Draw an intricate design with different lines and shapes
  • Draw the flags of different countries
  • Draw only one side of the face of a person
  • Draw a girl leaving, and her dress flows behind her, trailing behind her
  • Draw a girl with butterflies surrounding her
  • Draw basic utensils like fork, spoon, knife, etc.
  • Draw some funny hairstyles
  • Draw a cycle
  • Picture a car and draw it
  • Draw a butterfly, one side perspective  One side perspective
  • Draw some henna designs by tracing your hand or without it, whichever you would prefer
  • Draw something old, something you have already tried but couldn’t get right
  • Draw jellyfish
  • Draw a view of the underwater world or ocean
  • Try doing a self-portrait
  • Draw a busy looking road with details on people and the objects around you
  • Draw something which calms you down
  • Draw scenery for summer, winter, fall, and spring.
  • Draw a rainy evening
  • Draw a Shooting star in an illuminating sky
  • Try out different forms of paintings
  • Draw a cute creature with a dialogue box
  • Draw a character with weird proportions of the body
  • Try drawing different kinds of eyelashes
  • Draw cherry blossoms
  • Draw a place that you really like to visit
  • Draw Olaf!
  • Draw a dress and doodle a design on it
  • Draw a skull with roses decorating it
  • Draw an Anker with a unique design
  • Draw a film inspired scene
  • Draw a camera, be it old fashioned or a new one
  • Draw a big circle and paint a scenery inside it
  • Draw an X-ray image of something funny
  • Draw the human heart
  • Draw cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Tweety, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, Popeye, Snoopy, Goofy, Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants, Hello Kitty, and more.
  • Draw something that Blue or Sky Blue
  • Try drawing something that you don’t like
  • Doodle

    Drawing skills
    Photo by Mika on Unsplash


You can watch drawing tutorials online if you don’t know how to draw any of them. Drawing is an ideal activity that gives you something to do when you are bored and helps increase your creativity.

Drawing is all about precision and creativity. It is your own interpretation of the said subject that you will draw or your perspective of the world around you.

You can draw with the best of your skills when you step out of your comfort zone and try drawing new things. Your mindset and commitment will help you in a long way.


You can try drawing any of these listed things of random things to draw and either have fun or chase away your boredom.

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