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Habits of Children That Parents Find Irritating

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A child’s smile and happiness are all that a mother or a father desires. Parents are highly concerned about their children. It pleases them when their child giggles and leads a content life. Parents even find immense pleasure is their notorious behaviours, after all if a child won’t be naughty then who else will be. Every act of a child is soothing except for a few habits that parents often find irritating and they might lose their temper at times if they feel that their children are into regular bad habits. Every parent attempts to make his child a great human being.

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Here are a few habits of children that parents find irritating:

  • Most of the young children are fond of scribbling on the walls, floor, mirrors, roads, etc. because they consider them as the articles over which they can show their creativity or draw things that please them. In spite of several reminders, children continue to draw or sketch where ever they feel like.
  • It is often observed that when parents refuse to fulfil certain demands of young children, they become extremely angry and expel out their anger on things by biting them or scratching them, ultimately destroying the articles. They even don’t hesitate in creating a scene publicly or showing their ruined moods publicly. These habits annoy most of the parents.
  • Parents make their best attempts to make a child get into the habit of eating all sorts of eatables, especially the green veggies like spinach, capsicum, bitter gourd, etc. But children are children. They will only eat what they like, especially fast food like pizzas, burgers, noodles, etc.

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  • Children are very impatient. They want the things they wish to possess right there and then. This makes them get into a strong habit of being over-demanding and dominating. If a child wants a toy, he wants it at that moment, and if his parents refuse to get it the same day, he becomes aggressive.
  • Most of the kids are into a habit of saying only “no.” When they are asked to do something, or give an explanation, or any other task, their answer is always a big “no.” This “no” word from a child’s mouth, irritates the parents.

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