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Parents v/s Children: How They Change With Age

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This isn’t an uncommon topic.  Each one of us had been a kid in some gone ages and would-be parents in our future days. Seems absurd, right? Jokes apart. “RELATION OF PARENTS AND CHILDREN”: This is the hottest gossip in every household nowadays. Sometimes it feels like it’s far more trending than any war. The most epic one out of it all is the Indian Parents. At this point, I feel that even God would fear to take birth in an Indian household.


1. At the age of 5:


At this age, kids don’t have enough knowledge or understanding to oppose or revolt, so the basic conversation that takes place is something like this:

Child: Mom, Mom!!!!  I want that chocolate.

Parents: No way…That’s bad for your teeth… No baby…You are still a kid; you don’t have enough experience… So listen to what I say…

(Kid’s reaction- I will cry now)

2. At the age of 15:


Got matriculation and gained some experience about how this world works. So kids at this age start expecting that they should be given the right to choose, but this is what they get:

Child: Mom!!! I want to do a bachelor’s in technology, so I want to go to this college.

Parents: What?? That college?? That college is full of nonsense people. They are so ill-mannered. We can’t allow you to go there and get spoiled. So baby, leave it on us. You are still a kid… Just listen to us.

(Boy’s reaction- What the hell!!!!!!!!)

3. At the age of 18:


This is the favorite age of a teen; finally, their dream has come true; they would now be considered adults…, but the real scene is this:

Child: Mom, Mom!!! I am a grown-up now, and I need my space. Can you please leave me alone??

Parents: Huh!!! Are you taking drugs? I know your friends. They are spoiling you…What am I going to do when my kid insults me?  Baby…You are still a kid… You don’t have enough experience… So listen and obey what I say.

(Child’s reaction- What the fuck!!!!!)

4. At the age of 25:


Have a great job, completely settled, perfectly ready for marriage. Any guesses how the scene looks like??

Boy: Mom!!!! I love her… I want to marry her.

Parents: Huh!! Are you out of your mind? She doesn’t follow the same religion that we do. She won’t suit our class… Moreover, she is not beautiful… Ohh, baby, you are still a kid… You don’t know anything… So do as I say…

(Boys reaction- Ohh God!! I want to commit suicide)

5.At the age of 40:


Thoughts might be racing down your head; what could happen in this age group? Indian parents never fail to surprise you, and this is an example:

Man: Mom!! This is enough now… Can you please give me a break from your lectures and let me live the rest of my life peacefully??

Parents: I knew this would happen. Your wife is provoking you against us. But I never expected that my own son would talk like this to us… How could you do this to us…? I know you won’t listen to us anymore as we are a headache for you now… You don’t know this world… You are still a kid…

(Man’s reaction- Someone please kill me)

 I guess the changes in our parents are very evident. Got it right?? I don’t know whether it has been said before or not, but ‘PARENTS WILL BE PARENTS.’

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