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Leatherman Wave Black Oxide Finish Multi-Tool

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With a very economical price, the Leatherman Wave multi-tool is a very dependable tool and has various uses. All the knives and saw are of great quality and are very sharp. Unlike many other multi-tools, the needle nose and regular pliers also seem to work very well. It weighs about 7.2 ounces and is very easy to carry around.

Features of the Leatherman Wave Black Oxide Finish Multi-Tool

  1. Weigh only 7.2 ounces
  2. Black Oxide finish
  3. It has 17 tools with lock features for safety.
  4. Sturdy and suited for heavy-duty jobs
  5. Strong pliers
  6. Sharp knives and saw
  7. 25 year warranty
  8. Very durable
  9. Very handy interchangeable bit driver
  10. Don’t have to be unfolded to use the main tools
  11. Added bit kit can be very useful
  12. Made of stainless steel
  13. 19cm ruler
  14. Bottle opener
  15. An opener
  16. Wire cutter
  17. Heavy duty
  18. Can be used with a single hand
  19. Strong locking tool

What all should I keep in mind before I buy the Leatherman Wave Black Oxide Finish Multi-Tool?

  1. Black Oxide finish gives it an amazing look but it needs to be handled before using it for the first time.
  2. Black Oxide comes off in hand
  3. Edges might seem a bit rough
  4. Not in the top 5 list of multi-tool
  5. Pretty expensive compared to other multi-tools
  6. Heavy and bulky, which makes carrying it around a bit difficult on a day to day basis.
  7. It has stiff lock-in springs and hinges which do not make it easy to open or close, making it harder to operate.
  8. Small scissors compared to the overall size of the multi-tool.
  9. Multiple reports of the multi-tool being damaged on delivery.
  10. Bulky case which does not scream of quality.
  11. Pliers seem to buckle under high-intensity work, which makes it unsuitable for work sites.
  12. Tools seem to be a bit hard to operate unless lubricant is added to the tool.

Overall review of the Leatherman Wave Black Oxide Finish Multi Tool

This is a really amazing tool which sadly comes with a bad finish. Bad finish is being mentioned here because some users seem to have a grey hand for days if they use the multi-tool on a day to day basis. However, there are some good tips that can battle this issue. This is what should be done on tools like this to get rid of the issue of the bad finish resulting in smudges.

Before using the Leatherman Wave Black Oxide Finish Multi-Tool, use a cotton piece so as to remove the extra bit of paint on the body and thus, in turn remove the issue altogether.

However, apart from this issue the multi-tool is one of the best buys in today’s market and is definitely worth a try.

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