Hajj Stampede: Shocking Indeed!

Hajj Stampede: Shocking Indeed! 1

Hajj, a yearly pilgrimage carried out by Muslims around the world who are physically and financially stable. Every year, a million people perform Hajj, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges that the Government of Saudi Arabia faces. This year, approximately 2 million people performed hajj, a huge population of people considering that there is construction going on at the holy mosque of Mecca, restricting the space available. No sooner the crane incident has disappeared from the void thoughts of our mind than the massive stampede has taken place.


Here is the death toll by nationalities,

Algeria: 4 dead

Benin: deaths confirmed but number unspecified

Burundi: 1 dead

Cameroon: at least 20 dead

Chad: 11 dead

Egypt: 14 dead

India: 18 dead

Indonesia: 3 dead

Iran: 131 dead

Kenya: 3 dead

Morocco: 87 dead, according to Moroccan media

Netherlands: 1 dead

Niger: at least 19 dead

Nigeria: 3 dead

Pakistan: 11 dead

Senegal: 5 dead

Somalia: 8 dead, according to media reports

Tanzania: 4 dead

Source: AFP



The stampede occurred on Thursday morning while performing the ritual of “stoning the devil.” Two massive waves of people occurred, which led to the stampede. Saudi Government has already spent billions on Hajj pilgrims’ safety and has invested millions in its infrastructure. From metro to cars to buses, there is every facility you need in a holy spot. So, why this confusion and accidents?


Let’s take a look into the possible reasons for the occurrence of the stampede.  Is it really the government’s fault or the peoples’ fault? Let’s take a shallow look at it.

1. Inexperience.   

Since it is the first time, most of them (almost 90%) are not aware of the country and its whereabouts. It’s no surprise how a person can lose his presence of mind and get deflected in between a crowd of almost 2 million.

2. Confusion.

As seen in the CCTV footage, we can see a lot of pandemonium among the crowd. It was like two-way traffic. Pilgrims were on the way to perform the ritual, and few pilgrims were coming back after performing the ritual. This led to two huge opposite waves leading to confusion and ultimately to a massive historical stampede.

3. Impatience.

Though it’s not an authentic and official fact, this is my view that a slight tinge of impatience among the crowd was also responsible for this calamity.



The kingdom has already spent around 2 billion on the bridge connecting Mecca and Medina for the pilgrims. Over 5000 CCTV cameras were installed, and around 100000 security personals were present at the site.

Let’s take a look at what the Grand Mufti had to say about the stampede.

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin-Abdullah al-Sheikh was visited by the crown prince, who is also deputy Prime Minister and chairman of the Supreme Hajj Committee, on Friday, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.


“You are not responsible for what happened,” the grand Mufti said.

“As for the things that humans cannot control, you are not blamed for them. Fate and destiny are inevitable.”



At the outset, the only thing we can hope and pray that this kind of calamities should not occur in the near future. It’s time for us to learn from this and move on. Are the Prince and his government really not responsible? I leave this question upon you to answer.



Written by:

Ifraz Ahmed



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