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15 Examples Of Presence Of Mind

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Aashna Rohira
Currently pursuing CA. A passion driven person. Loves expolring various aspects of life. My mantra-Learing is a never ending process,learn learn till you are alive.

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Human brain is like a computer. The command that you give it, produces result accordingly. Our life is a mind processed action. Similarly presence of mind is a state wherein one can stay calm and think effectively during an emergency. Its a general human tendency to panic when an outrage strikes.
This impulsive behavior adds up to make the situation worst. When one’s mind is calm, it can conquer anything in life because the ability to think for the solutions comes with a calm mind. In fact everything we do in life requires presence of mind.

Man v/s wild is a wonderful series that was aired on discovery channel to explain the importance of presence of mind in different situations where one does not even have the basic amenities of surviving.

Here are some best examples of presence of mind that one can correlate with.


presence of mind

When one is driving one needs to be completely focused. Suppose a person realizes that their breaks have failed then owing to the general human tendency, he/she would panic and take a wrong decision. In these cases your presence of mind is tested. One should look out for an alternative solution instead of panicking. I am sure you all have a solution to it. So please keep your mind away from anxiety and be focused and read about alternative solutions because you never know when you might land up in such situation.

2.Goof up on stage

We have often seen that during on-stage performances, one forgets or goes blank. To master such situation, one must halt and calm for a second without getting the attention of the spectators and continue with the performance. This could be only possible if a person possesses presence of mind.



We generally prepare well for an interview on the technical aspects but during some rounds, we are bombarded with wired questions that we hardly prepared. In such cases, instead of panicking one should be smart enough to calm the flow of energy in the brain, have a sip of water, think with peaceful mind and crack the question. These are some effective way how your mind responds to calmness.

4.Catastrophic situations


At times when one gets stuck up in a catastrophe and is unable to get out, the foremost thing is to calm your mind. Remember, you can surely construct something depending on the situation and can get away from the most terrible situations. We have even heard and read stories how people have got away from the natural calamities like earthquakes and tsunamis. It’s not miracle guys! Always it’s the attitude of the mind that never gives up and is continuously seeking to find a solution.

5.Professional life


In an era where corporate politics has become a corporate culture, one needs to have their senses quite strong to be aware about their surroundings. Here the test of your presence of mind would demand you to be reaction less because it’s rightly said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Just play your cards safely by tricking your mind to go on an ignore mode. So next time you land up in such situation command your mind to be reaction less.



There might be multiple situations in life where one is not aware about anything regarding the subject matter of discussion. In such cases rather than panicking and getting confused you must calm down and use your presence of mind as tool to ogle around such situations. In such cases you can either excuse yourself under the pretext of an important call or just sneak in to a place and search about the same on Google. These smart tricks also fall under the category of keeping your presence of mind at its peak.



When one plays any kind of sports, be it outdoor or indoors one has to have his/her presence of mind at its peak because one can never be aware of the opponents move. In a sport like cricket, where the batsman is completely unaware of the bowl that would be thrown towards him and in the same way the fielder’s would be unaware of the shot made by the batsman, both the parties need to have their presence of mind in place because every action in this sport can be a game changing act.



As this season is of travelling, apart from exploring new aspects of a place one needs to be beforehand aware about the unsafe places in the area to be visited. But there are few adventurous souls out there whose hearts lie in exploring those uncharted places! The trick to conquer such missions is nothing but keeping your mind prepared for all the possible unfavourable situations and being handy with all the solutions required.

9.Riddle solving


You the best trick to tackle any puzzle or riddle is by keeping your mind present in reading the questions because mostly your answer lies in there. So next time you have a puzzle or a riddle to solve them just keep your mind calm and use this trick.

10.Knowing a person


We often end up having a bitter experience with many people in our personal space because we fail to notice the nitty-gritties on one’s action and why do we do that? There could be two possibilities for it. One of it could be that you are ignoring those signs because you want the relationship or the other reason is you keep mind off by keeping the button of your presence of mind off.


In short to sum up, we need presence of mind in every routine actions. It’s not a rocket since to crack anything for humans. People who are better off in balancing things have their presence of mind in the best position and folks believe me it does not happen overnight it comes out of practice. So make a promise to yourself that you would slow down bit and put on your analytical skills and keep up your presence of mind. This is one of the keys to few of the locks in your life. 

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Currently pursuing CA.
A passion driven person.
Loves expolring various aspects of life.
My mantra-Learing is a never ending process,learn learn till you are alive.

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