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Is Happiness a Pipe Dream?

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I spent a long number of years thinking about what I should change in my life. I thought about what is happiness and read every article that promised to teach how to be happy. But nothing worked!

Did you know why? Because I wasn’t even taking the first step!

Happiness is not a pipe dream. You have to take responsibility and take a few steps to be happy. Let me tell you how I managed to push aside the negative and bring some light in my life.Is Happiness a Pipe Dream? 1

Stop Planning

Are you the kind that is always saying “I’m going to….?”

If you just keep on thinking about what you ought to do or become, you are creating a reality where you don’t have to be that person or carry out the action. Doing this every day just reinforces the negative aspect without you actualizing anything.

So don’t be afraid to take the first step! It’s really what you need to do!

Quit Overthinking

When you over think everything, you have your guar up and are afraid to take chances. You don’t realize your goals and keep putting things off.

Now research shows that over-thinking actually leads to depression. You are also more likely to have a mental illness, difficulty in problem-solving and disturbance in sleeping patterns.

So stop thinking and going over things again and again in your mind and make yourself ready to take on some risk.

Don’t always believe your Thoughts or Feelings

Some say that we should always follow our instincts, but that may not be fruitful all the time!

Research shows that thoughts and feelings are not always true. It’s just how we see things and may not portray the reality. So stop getting anxious or hurt over your feelings and stop the self-abusive talk that leads to self-hate and despair.

Learn to question your thoughts and feeling and counter them. Just don’t go with the flow!

Stop being Cynical

Multiple failures and rejection in life can lead a person to become cynical. But if you always adopt that mentality, then you are doing some serious self-harm.

Researchers at the University of Cologne found that cynical people tend to earn less money. They are also more likely to have lower socioeconomic status and poor mental and physical health. You can even develop dementia and heart diseases as being too cynical!

Learn to trust others and take chances no matter how many times you failed in the past.

Keep Yourself Healthy and Fit

Never forget to take care of yourself no matter what. That means looking both after your physical and mental wellbeing- so include some exercise, proper diet, adequate sleep and if necessary also consider yoga or meditation.

The mind and the body are related, and if one is sick the other is also affected!

Stop thinking about How to be Happy and Take Action

Taking the first step is all that matters! You will find the confidence and open up and learn what happiness is just by letting go of your worries and cynicism. The world is not such a dreary place!


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