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Have You Come Across Your Soulmate Yet?

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One might roll their eyes when they hear the term ‘soul mate’ but the truth is, everyone hopes for their soul mate to show up. Who wouldn’t want to find someone with whom they can connect with on a spiritual level?

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So, who is your soulmate? Your soul mate can be your lover, friend, or a part of your family. You feel this inexplicable connection with them. You are at peace when you are with them, and there is no negativity, judgment or misunderstanding in the relationship. You two finish each other’s sentences, understand what’s on each other’s mind without uttering a word. You will accept and learn to love each other’s flaws. Your soul mate is a part of you. Meeting your soul mate for the first time feels like you have known each other since forever and are just catching up on each other’s lives. You two share similar ambitions and goals and help each other succeed in life. Your soul mate will challenge you in ways no one else can and make you see things that will change your life forever.


Will you soul mate be with you forever? Ancient soul mate myths claim that they will. In Plato’s ‘The Symposium’, it is stated that there used to be three kinds of human creatures – men, women and individuals with both sexes. These creatures originally had two faces, four arms, four legs and two sets of genitalia- each. When these human creatures became arrogant and started questioning God, Zeus split them into two halves, to make them powerless. They would only feel complete while sexual intercourse with their other half.

Hence, the men seek out their male soul mate, the women- their female soul mate and the individuals with both sexes seek out their soul mate of the opposite gender.

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There are several theories like these which claim that the one for us would stay forever.

On the other hand, modern theories claim that soul mates can be more than one and are not necessarily destined to be with us forever. In this sea of billions of people, finding the one and only one for us does seem impossible. We meet more than one of these people who can mirror us- the ones we call our soul mates. They enter our lives, fulfill their purpose, then they leave.


One has to understand that their soulmate is not supposed to be perfect. People often let go of people who love them because they feel like something better is in store for them. Believing that there is someone out there for is great. But one should not let that raise their expectations and mess with their present relationships. 


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