Here’s How to Match Coloured Contact Lenses to Your Skin-Tone

Here’s How to Match Coloured Contact Lenses to Your Skin-Tone 1

Here’s How to Match Coloured Contact Lenses to Your Skin-Tone

Contact lenses are popular. Especially when compared to eyeglasses, wearing contact lenses seems to be more comfortable as they provide natural, peripheral vision. Apart from vision correction, contact lenses also help you get away with bold fashion choices so that you carry yourself with confidence and style.

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Coloured contact lenses can quickly change your look to help you sport a new side of your personality. However, different coloured contact lenses may have varying effects on different individuals, depending on their specific features such as opacity, tonality, size, and how well they adjust to the eyes.

Choosing the Right Coloured Contact Lenses

To find out which coloured contact lenses will suit you best, you need to take into consideration a few factors, such as your hair colour and skin tone. Such factors dramatically affect how much the coloured contact lenses stand out or blend in. Therefore, depending on the kind of look you want to achieve, you can choose the best-suited colour—be it subtle and natural-looking or bold and dramatic.

Find out how you can match coloured contact lenses based on your skin-tone:

Coloured Contact Lenses for Cool Toned Skin

Do you have a fair skin tone? If so, consider shades that can complement your undertone, such as blue and grey coloured contact lenses. Generally, for those with a fair complexion, bright coloured contact lenses such as blue, violet, and green are recommended. Such bright and bold colours easily add an extra pop to your face, which enhances your overall look.

Coloured Contact Lenses for Medium Toned Skin

If you have a skin tone that ranges from light olive to brown or honey complexion, then you have more flexibility to experiment with a range of colour choices. People with such medium-toned skin can carry coloured contact lenses of almost every colour, depending on the occasion. 

Out of all the different shades of colours, the best colours that suit such a skin tone are brown, hazel, green, and grey. Besides, even violet and red will be great options to consider, as they will help highlight and accentuate your eyes and facial features.

Coloured Contact Lenses for Warm Toned Skin

Warm skin tones carry the appealing hues of natural-looking honey-brown colour, which many individuals in the western countries desire. People pay large sums of money abroad to get fake spray tans for getting a warmer skin tone that is less whitish.

In case you have a warm skin tone, then you can either choose coloured contact lenses that complement your skin, or bold colours for special occasions such as a much-awaited house-party, or a fun day out with your friends. Some great shades of coloured contact lenses that perfectly suit the warm Indian skin-tone are grey, hazel, brown, and amethyst.

Coloured Contact Lenses for Wheatish Toned Skin

Do you have a wheatish skin tone, then you can opt for colours such as deep or mild honey, hazel, or greyish-brown. 

Try out bright shades that would subtly contrast with your natural skin colour, and help you make a fashion statement wherever you go. Explore options in hues of green, aqua, and hazel coloured contact lenses to enhance your look dramatically.

Coloured Contact Lenses for Dark Toned Skin

If you have dark-toned skin, you can experiment with daringly bright coloured contact lenses with violet, brown, aqua, or green tinges.

Whether you are attending a party, or for brunch, these coloured contact lenses can surely help you get the perfect playful-yet-sophisticated look.

Are Coloured Contact Lenses Safe to Use?

Yes, coloured contact lenses are safe to use, as long as they have been prescribed by an eye care specialist and are correctly worn and cared for.

Before you make any decision about purchasing coloured contact lenses, you must visit your eye care specialist to get a proper contact lens fitting and discuss different contact lens brands. Once you know your requirements, you can buy coloured contact lenses that offer a natural look and are safe and comfortable to use.

Remember to explore options from reputable brands such as Bausch+Lomb which offer different types of contact lenses, including coloured contacts. Lacelle, Bausch+Lomb’s range of coloured contact lenses, presents you with the option to choose between not only different colours but also from a variety of styles for getting different looks such as bold, subtle and neutral.

What’s more? With Bausch+Lomb’s Lacelle coloured contact lenses, you don’t need to compromise on comfort and safety for making fashion statements, as they are made of premium quality materials. Now that you know how to match coloured contact lenses to your skin, consult with your optometrist to buy a pair of coloured contacts today.

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