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Which Kind of Shoes are the Best for Your Feet?

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shoesIf you have been looking for information regarding the best type of shoes, then you’re in the right place. Shoes are major accessories in all wardrobes. They express character, style, and taste not forgetting our personalities.

However, after a long day’s job, the main complain as you through your feet on the couch is how they hurt. In fact, most of the time you’ll remove the shoes for a while just to cool your feet down. While walking for long distances or remaining in the same position will cause pain in your feet, some types of shoes can also cause misery. You can also visit foot gear lab for more information regarding foot pain.

The question on your mind right now is, “what type of shoe is for my feet?” Well, sit back, put your feet up and read on to find out which shoes you should look for the next time you hit the shoe store.

Low Heels

Tall heels will hurt your feet. This comes as no surprise. However, according to podiatrists, even heels lower than 2 inches might cause problems although not as much as those higher than 2 inches.

High heels will shift your center of gravity thus causing stability issues. This is why you’ll experience tottering when you put on those sexy stilettos. To avoid this while also caring for your feet, try not to wear them for more than 3 hours. During this period, do some exercises to ensure proper blood flow.

For those with flat feet, one-inch heels will do well, but if you high arch foot, you might want to stay away from heels due to stability issues. If you are already suffering from a debilitating pain on your sole due to a strain injury then you most likely to have a plantar fasciitis. There are shoes specialized to help relieve the pain caused by plantar fasciitis, just visit to find out more.


First of all, wedges provide better stability due to their wide base support. This is unlike stilettos which have a pin-like heel which as a narrower base of support.

With a wide support means better arch support and prevents you from rolling your ankle. However, you still need to stay away from high wedges. Also, go for wedges with rubber or cork soles instead of the traditional wooden wedges.


Podiatrists rank sneakers as the best type of shoes for your feet. According to them, sneakers provide better heel, arch and ankle support.

Sneakers also rank as the best footwear because they are designed to absorb repetitive impact such as what happens in sporting activities. By wearing them, your feet will land naturally and the muscles in the feet will work effectively.

While these shoes provide better support for your feet, sneakers will last for about 6 months or 500 miles.

They wear out fast because of the light material used to make the soles. If they get worn out, they can cause problems to your feet including injuries.

Change Your Shoe Style

Sneakers might be the best type of shoes for your everyday errands, but you can’t wear them to your workplace. Therefore, it’s important for you to switch up the shoes every day. Podiatrists say you shouldn’t wear a single type of shoe for more than 4 days consecutively.

Wearing one type of shoe overworks a certain set of muscles and joints. Switching up the shoes will give these muscles and joints time to rest and recover.

Also, experts recommend wearing the right type of shoe for the right occasion. For example, if you’re going for a workout session, wear sneakers since you’ll spend more time up and about.

Your feet have no spare, thus it’s crucial for you to take every precaution and treat them well. You might want to go with the trend, but it’s not worth the risk you pose in terms of foot pain and hip or knee pain.

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