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HGH Supplements: Do They Really Work?

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In every era, human beings have a strong urge to look younger, strong and full of youth for a long time. For this purpose, there was a time when they have been using good diet and strict exercise plan etc, but since that efforts were insufficient to serve the purpose and unable to restore the youthful look for a long time, thus that growing urge has given birth to HGH supplements usage, dietary supplements and even steroids also. Due to hectic daily schedule and busy hours, most of the people have no more to get quality health with a natural diet. So, to maintain their healthy look, most of the people are turning to human growth supplements. 


What Are Human Growth Hormones?

Hormones play an important role in shaping up to our body and make us look healthy and strong.  Human growth hormones generally generated by pituitary glands (present in our brain) responsible for good human growth, well-nourished skin and youthful look for long-time. Thus they are responsible for regulating body (including healthy skin and stronger bones) nourishment. The glands become less productive and active with growing age, and leave the human body look old, hairs gray and skin rough and wrinkled. Human growth hormones are known to activate the pituitary glands and encourage it to release more hormones for better muscles growth, stronger bones, good skin including many other health benefits.  

Why Doctor Recommend HGH Supplements?

HGH are often recommended by doctors to treat some specific ailment in children and adults for better health conditions. There are certain cases in which a doctor can suggest these supplements;

  • Low growth rate in growing children often makes the parents worried. A doctor can recommend the Hormone growth supplement to help a child get better growth, stronger and dense bones. The supplements do not only increase the appetite but also make the pituitary glands to start working more effectively. 
  • These supplements are the best option or attraction for adults to get mass, more attractive body. 
  • To perform better on a daily basis, these supplements are suggested to help the athletes maintain their energy level and more stamina. They are also considered best to enhance mental focus. 
  • People with low sex hormones and sex urge also suggested these supplements.
  • There are also some other ailments like kidney issues and turner Syndrome, to get fast recovery after some surgery, these supplements provide fast recovery.

What are The Possible Hazards?

Instead of listening and reading so much benefit of these human growth hormones, still, they are not considered without side-effects. Most of the supplements available in online stores and upon doctors’ recommendations have not been approved by the FDA. There could be some certain hazards of using these supplements in abundance or without consulting some certified doctor;

  • They can cause joints pain or swell at some stage. It can happen due to the access fluid present in the body due to these supplements. 
  • Users can face stiffness or constant pain in their muscles, hands or joints.
  • Due to the excess use of these hormone supplements, there could be also unexpectedly growth of bones like jaw, chin, hands or feet, has been observed. 
  • In some cases, it also encourages the chances of body tumors that could be also strong symptoms of the beginning of cancer.
  •  There are also strong chances of increased heart attack risks.
  • Since the body is compelled to produce more hormones, this factor enhances the chance of diabetes. 
  • Long-term use of these supplements also encourages enhanced cholesterol level.
  • HGH supplements are also available in the injected-able form.  Injecting them under the facial skin and other areas of the body make the aging process slow-down and keep the skin looks younger for a specific duration, but after that, it requires more injections to maintain the healthy-looking skin. So, people become constant victims of these supplements.
  • In some cases, the bodybuilders who use these hormone supplements in abundance have to go under surgery to remove the tumors. 
  • Excess use and even without the consent of your doctor, HGH can lead to abuses and irreversible damages to the body.


Do These Supplements Really Work?

There are no special doctors’ recommendations regarding the use of some certain HGH supplements, about their approved benefits or side-effects. They actually work well to gain mass and improved skin health, strong and dense bones, but one should never forget that excess of everything is bad.  The growing craze for youthful skin, toned body, healthy sexual life and healthy physique are the charm of the modern era. Instead of adopting natural ways for good health and great skin, people are looking for shortcut ways. No doubt, these supplements really work well to improve the overall quality of life but long use of these hormone releaser supplements make the users their slave and they compelled to use them constantly to keep up their artificial health. 


Since HGH supplements are much popular in sportsmen and adults and come with a high price; there are many sellers and companies on the internet who are selling duplicate products.  They consider their product best, approved and tested free of any side-effects, but there is always another side of the image that cannot be ignored. 

So, before you purchase these human growth hormone-producing products, keep some certain precautions in mind;

  • Instead of making a self-purchase, always seek a doctor’s advice which supplement is the best fit according to your needs and how long you should use it. 
  • While using that supplement, make sure to have regular visits to let the doctor know about any side-effect of the product. 
  • If you are determined to use some hormone supplements then make sure you are really facing issues regarding height and muscles growth.
  •  Otherwise, taking balanced diet, quality sleep and regular exercise etc. are enough to maintain good health.
  •  Do not simply rely on the TV ads or supplements found on internet. Make sure to consult with some doctor.  Using such supplements without some specialist doctor’s recommendation can end up in miseries. 

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