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Everglades Seafood Festival: 9 Fun Facts

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Everglades seafood festival attracts all food connoisseurs to Everglade, a small city located in the south of Florida, a Collier American state. It is an annual event that invites thousands of people to come and enjoy, and have an experience of their lifetime.

Everglades is a tropical wetland and a recognized and globally acknowledged Ramsar Site. If you are traveling by air, then the nearest airport would be the Miami International Airport. Other airports close to this place are Palm Beach, Tampa Myers, and Port Lauderdale airport.

Everglade is quite a tourist attraction for its beautiful Everglades National Park. Affordable vacation packages are also available for people planning a leisure escapade. Other sites that grab attention are Flamingo Visitor Centre, Shark Valley Visitor Center, Everglades Alligator Park, and many other places.

There are many seafood festivals worldwide, such as Louisiana Shrimp And Petroleum Festival, Narooma Oyster Festival, Auckland Seafood Festival, Galway Oyster Seafood Festival, and Everglade Seafood Festival is one of them.

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Everglades Seafood Festival: 9 Fun Facts

Everglades Seafood Festival

The event generally takes place in February for three days at City Hall, Copeland Avenue, Everglade. The seafood festival history dates back to 1970 when it was held for the first time. It was started as a charity event to help Everglade’s communities and promote tourism in the area. Before the festival, it was only the Everglade National park that was known to the people outside Everglade but from the time this festival has started, much improvement has seen the town.

Now Everglade has become an essential place for seafood lovers. Since then the area has attracted millions of people, it has bought about a considerable change in the lives of the people of Everglade. The income and the quality of life has improved tremendously, a consistent rise is also seen in the incomes of the people, we can say that Everglade Seafood Festival has had a life-changing impact on the area and its residents.

1. Everglades Seafood Festival is Entry-Free

Till now you must have been wondering that the amount that you would be required to spend to become a part of this Everglade Seafood Festival, which is celebrated on such a large scale, then let me tell you something that there are no entry fees for becoming a part of this festival.

The proverb which says that ‘the best things in life are always free’ holds true in this situation, you don’t even need to spend a single dollar to enjoy this festival. All you need to do is to get your backpacks ready and quickly plan a trip to Everglade. Everglade Seafood Festival remains a charity event, and the money is used to help the poor communities of the area.

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The  Everglades seafood festival usually starts at around 5 in the evening in continues till 10 in the night. During this time, the place sees a heavy footfall.

Let’s talk about Everglade Seafood Festival’s major attractions that would make this place a perfect destination for you to visit. Below are the things mentioned that you should be trying when visiting Everglade.

2. Seafood Paradise

Everglades Seafood Festival

For people who enjoy seafood in every single bite, the festival is waiting for you then. Seafood lovers would always wish to visit a place covered with numerous varieties of seafood. They could eat it to their heart’s content.

Well, the wait is finally over at Everglade Seafood Festival; there are plenty of seafood stalls all around over-loaded with all kinds and types of seafood ranging from stone crab, shrimps, salmons, oysters to tuna, mussels, octopus, and squids, all fresh and ready to be eaten.

There would not be any delicacy left that you would not find at the festival. Expensive seafood dishes such as Alaskan Pollock, caviar, baby ele, posh pie, red lobster, fried gator, and pufferfish can also be eaten at the festival. Everglade Seafood Festival would prove to be a heaven for all the seafood lovers.

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Everglades Seafood Festival: 9 Fun Facts 1Everglades Seafood Festival: 9 Fun Facts 2Everglades Seafood Festival: 9 Fun Facts 3Everglades Seafood Festival: 9 Fun Facts 4

3. Kids-Friendly

Everglades seafood festival

The needs of everyone are taken care of at the festival. Suppose you are visiting the place with your kids and are worried that you might not be able to enjoy the festival freely without any hassle and all of your time there would just be wasted in looking after your kids. In that case, Everglades seafood festival has an enormously colorful and adventurous solution to it.

There is a separate kids zone for them as well; it’s full of carnival rides that would instantly attract your kid. The play zone is filled with roller coaster rides, pony swings, sea-saw, dollhouses for you little princesses, and a lot of attractions that you kids would enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Apart from the rides, there are top shops, gaming shops and gas houses for the children. At the end of the day, when the kids get all tired after a cheerful and play full day, there are canteens and candy shops as well selling everything from mouth-watering pies, puddings, cakes to shakes, smoothies, fudges, mousse to hot chocolates, doughnuts, candy floss and lava cakes to take care of their little tummies as well.

4. Craft Booths

Everglades Seafood Festival: 9 Fun Facts 5

Apart from Seafood being the main center of attraction, the Everglade Seafood Festival has many other significant attractions. One of them is the art and craft booths; these booths serve as a significant shopping point for the people who love and appreciate the handmade things made from reusable and recyclable material.

People who set up their stalls\booths there sell only the handmade articles and nothing that has been bought from outside; since the products are all home-made and handcrafted the cost per item is also not very high. Sellers usually keep in mind that buying something from the Everglades Seafood festival should not be like a burden on your pockets. Visitors always tend to buy the articles that are being sold there as they want to help the people of the town from their end and also take something back home, as a memory of the Everglade Seafood Festival. You can shop for Candle stands, chandeliers, and wall hangings from the festival.

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5. Live Performances

No Festival or celebration is completed without music, performances, and people grooving on their feet and dancing and enjoying the beats of the artists performing. The Everglades Seafood Festival sees a star-studded performance with famous artists and bands such as Tim Elliot, Houston Brown, Bral Anderson, The Dame Company, The Gladezman, Wendell Ray, Casey Weston, and A Ngila Marsaglia.

Other famous artists have performed at the festival in the past years. They have made the seafood festival even more alluring to visit.

When these artists perform, the whole vibes of the festival are transformed, and from being a seafood festival, it becomes a music festival. People are not able to resist themselves from dancing and forgetting everything for a while and just going on a musical journey with the artists and bands performing.

6. Country Music

Country music is also appreciated by many people who come to the  Everglades Seafood festival. People flock here to not just taste delicious seafood and enjoy their stay at everglade but also to explore the rich art and culture of Everglade. Every place has cultural importance, and Everglade is very lucky in this area as the cultural background and the wide variety of flora and fauna. Traditional music is really like “food for the soul, so any such enthusiast could not afford to coming to Everglades and missing all of this.

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7. Ambience

The vibes, ambiance and complete environment of the Everglades Seafood Festival is enchanting. The decorations and lighting arrangements are made beautifully. Light shows are also organized, though the festival starts in the evening, as the night’s darkness takes over, the Seafood Festival glows differently, and in all colors. After all, if we are visiting a festival, then the lighting should be bang on.

8. Cultural Exchange

Apart from lighting and decorations, the festival also witnesses a substantial cultural exchange when people from different parts of America and worldwide visit the place and interact with one another. They exchange their cultures and become closer to each other. The main aim of any festival or celebration around the globe is primarily to bring people closer to one another irrespective of their places of origin, color, or creed, and the Everglades Seafood Festival accomplishes it easily.

9. Hygiene

Cleanliness and sanitation are also looked after as maintaining a clean environment is equally important; dustbins are placed everywhere. It is made a point to check that everyone throws the garbage in it and no one litters the place. Clean drinking water is also available for free, and packaged drinking water is also available. Washroom sanitation is also maintained; separate washrooms are made for men and women and are duly cleaned.

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The points mentioned above provide a good glimpse of the Everglades Seafood Festival. The three day  Everglades Seafood festival, usually held on weekends, is themed as Friday Night Kickoff, Seafood Saturday, and the closing day as Sunday Funday. The festival closes every year after becoming a huge success and intending to return next year with even double the amount of excitement and joy.


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