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7 Hints That Guys Always Give When They Like A Girl

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and many guys are single or ‘just friends‘ with their crush. No matter how profound their hints are, girls often miss out on them. So here we are, your cupid, to help “her” decode these hints. How do you know if a girl likes you? Or vice versa?

Here is a list of 7 hints that guys always give when they like a girl.

hints that guys give

Initiating the “Talks” – Hints That Guys Give

He proposes to initiate a conversation whenever the moment is opportune. He tries hard to be in the girl’s proximity. He keeps an account of when she is available or when she is online on social networking sites, and notably, a talk out of nowhere is often initiated by him.

Also, these chats refuse to see an end, and evidently, irrelevant questions from him to get somewhere prove that he wants to be more than just friends with her.

hints that guys give

Eagerly Helpful – Hints That Guys Give

He is overly helpful. He is someone who’s always around when she looks to her side, a man who knows how to please her, eagerness being his covenant and plight. Time, money and energy are a daily deposit to his investments in her.

He is available at her beck and call, running errands for her without a thought or a sigh. Her concerns become his daily chores, and he goes out of his way to ease out her snags.

hints that guys give

Ooh The ‘Blush’ – Hints That Guys Give

His incessant smiles in her company are quite a hint. Things might usually be casual, but he keeps blushing in her company for no substantial cause.

At each eye contact, he would smile for no apparent reason. This is his way of keeping things cool and hiding his own nervousness in front of her while keeping her on her back foot.

hints that guys give

Diabetes Is Gonna Get You – Hints That Guys Give

His world goes upside-down whenever she is around. He makes sure that he is extra nice and sweet. He may be nervous around her, might make fun of her, or try to ignore her, but he will always try to become the alpha guy.

He might often cat like he is the only man present in the vicinity. He tends to appear more dominant in the crowd, demonstrating his best features, money, knowledge or anything that she may find attractive. He will always try to smell and look perfect when with her. He is much more groomed around her.

hints that guys give

‘You’ – A Priority – Hints That Guys Give

He is very protective about her. He caters to her needs and cares for her. Pushing the crowd away and helping her pass, offering his coat when she is cold, making sure she doesn’t get hurt, fixing her fixes before his own; she is his priority.

It becomes a daily routine to ask how she has been, inquiring about her safe journeys and returns, wishing her safe health and a nice, happening day are among the many others. Also, he regularly inquires about her from her peers trying to figure out her likes and dislikes and her issues as well.


Offering Company

He is a bit closer to her than he should be. He faces her each time they talk. He leans in to hear what she has to offer. His torso is always inclined towards her when they sit, gesturing his interest in her. He offers excuses to spend his time with her, meet her, grab lunch together, go to movies (romantic), etc.

He gradually steers the conversation from work to her and her personal life. He tries to give hints that she should be with someone who cares for her and probably suggests a change in venue from time to time, offering his company.

hints that guys give

Opinions: “Jo Tera Hai Woh Mera Hai”

He tries to share similar interests with her. He agrees with everything she says, taking her side in any discussion and sharing the same opinion always. He keeps trying to make himself more likable. He reasons out with her, posing questions at her and her friends.

His gaze changes its course constantly from her eyes to her face, trying to anticipate her conception and fancies while keeping her allured in his conversations.



The points mentioned above hold true for people sharing a mutual interest in one another. Maybe it depends on how we perceive someone. A shared interest develops into courtship. But friends have a certain level of anonymous love which does not fall in this category.

He may be a natural, profound friend who loves you wholeheartedly, not possessing the affinity spoken about here, but the one which is beyond comprehension. Look for signs and let your gut decide.

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