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How to Approach Women Without Being Creepy

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Approaching strangers are hard. If you are a guy approaching a girl, it can be harder as women do not trust strangers easily. What if you somehow cannot find the right words and screw up? Women are always with their group of friends and being humiliated in front of all of them can be embarrassing. Don’t let this discourage you! If you do things the right way, you just may find the one for you. Or maybe, you two can turn out to be best friends.


We’ll tell you how you can approach women without coming off as creepy.

  • Do not ever approach a woman from the back. Women are not comfortable with that as they do not like to be caught off guard. She should be able to see you. While patting on the shoulder can seem friendly to a man, it is something women do not appreciate.


  • Try to be confident when approaching a woman. Confidence is an attractive quality. Shy and nervous can seem cute too but once you are confident from the inside, the chances of messing things up decrease.

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  • Smile! A friendly and confident smile always helps. Make eye contact while talking to her. Do not stare at her; that is creepy.


  • Do not start the conversation with a pickup line. The women have heard it before. A simple hello can do the trick. Brownie points for you if you can make her laugh! Oh, get rid of the fake accent. Fools no one.


  • Women are almost always with their group of friends. You want to talk to the one you like, but you should always start with the whole group. Trying to isolate her from her friends can be threatening. Talk to everyone in the group but make sure she gets most of your attention. If she shows interest, you two can get some alone time.


  • Women love men who can keep up with the conversation. Show interest in what she is doing. For example, if you meet in a book store, ask her about the books she reads. Compliment her on things other than her looks. You need to show her that you are not just interested in her physical attributes, but everything else about her.


  • Look for the nonverbal signs. Women do not always say it like it is. They wait for the man to understand the signs. If she is interested, she will let you know. If she is not, she will make it obvious. Learn to take a hint.


  • Being clingy can ruin the whole thing. You need to realize that she didn’t plan on meeting you, she must have other things to do. Stalling is not going to help you. Take your time to make a great first impression, ask her how you can contact her later, leave. She doesn’t need to know that you can give her all of your time, just yet.


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