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7 Types Of People You Encounter In The Ladies’ Coach Of A Metro

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You must have traveled in the metro at least once, or you might even be a regular commuter; it doesn’t really matter. However, I bet that you must have encountered these 7 types of people in the Ladies’ Coach of a metro, even if you have traveled just once. As a regular commuter, I can write a thesis on the weird people that I encounter in my ”awesome journey” every day but let me keep it brief by highlighting just the significant ones.

Ladies' Coach of a metro

1. The Chatterbox

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you know her or not; even if you show the slightest interest in the conversation, then she will make sure that you know every little detail about her, her family, and friends. They are the opposite of those eavesdropping “aunties.” Ladies' Coach of a metro

Stand next to these ladies for at least 2 minutes, and you will know exactly what her distant uncle’s son is up to! Seriously, girls, no one is interested in your “happy go lucky” life.

2. Future Chetan Bhagat or Paulo Coelho

You can’t miss the sight of these readers who strongly believe that holding a book in front of their faces makes them appear as sophisticated and intelligent. But the truth is that while most of them are busy flaunting their intelligence, what they truly do is stare at others. They use the book as a prop, as an excuse to let others know that they are busy; this way, they don’t have to give up their seats.

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Next time you board the metro, make sure you locate the future Chetan Bhagat or Gabriel Garcia and take a tip or two.

3. Overhearing conversations or peeking into others’ chats

If you take the metro regularly, then admit the fact that you have faced this too. These are the people who avoid their own existence to eavesdrop on others’ conversations, and they even try to peep and read messages of the person standing next to them. They try their best to get a sneak peek at what the girl next to them has texted her boyfriend.Ladies' Coach of a metro

4. The Runners for the seat!

These runners seem illogical to me. They run like crazy to catch the metro as if it was the last metro on this planet and then push everyone out of their way to get quickly into the train. The story doesn’t end here! After they get into the metro, they strive hard to get a seat, and guess what? They don’t even get one. *Slow claps*

5. The too tired souls

These ladies act so tired that they would make even a 70+ woman look energetic. They act hard to convince people that they’re tired, but when no one offers them a seat, they switch over to the floor, and even when people have no space to stand, they won’t move.


6. The infamous Cat Fighters

I strongly believe that these people have already vowed to fight over anything. People are bound to get pushed around in a crowded metro; however, they don’t seem to understand that. So what’s the point in getting into a silly fight over this? 

Their fights usually go like this: “Why did u push me?”

“Excuse me, it’s too crowded.”

“People don’t have manners these days.”

It’s best not to indulge in a fight with these people; it’s just a waste of time.



7. The models

Thanks to the front camera, which has now proved to be a bliss for all girls. You can easily find pretty girls applying kohl or liner while using their front cameras as a mirror. Kudos to these models. Such dedication!

Ladies' Coach of a metro

There is so much more that I could add to this list but let’s stop for now. If you haven’t noticed them yet, the next time you go for a metro ride, observe.

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