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How to Become a Valued Business Innovator?

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The hardest part of learning about business management is knowing when you need to apply all your education in the field. Whether trying to prove yourself to employers or build your own enterprise, there are additional qualities you will need to develop in order to draw upon your knowledge with confidence and effectiveness. This may be advice you have already heard as a business student, but perhaps not had the incentive to explore, especially regarding how to acquire these traits. Our age, composed of almost infinite digital and real-world opportunities, has many solutions to offer those willing to grasp them.


Recognize Your Worth

Innovation is one of the most desirable commodities of modern business. A strong understanding of how the market works and possessing ideas that can optimize any given company automatically makes you valuable to them. 58% of companies intend to invest more in innovation and R&D as the best methods of developing a distinctive brand identity. Constantly generating ideas can be difficult, however, which is why more and more organizations turn to every mind available to them. Solutions like Q-ideate, supplied by Qmarkets, exist to assist in utilizing their employees’ collective intelligence through crowdsourcing techniques. At the same time, it promotes employee engagement, performance excellence and overall satisfaction. Apart from seeing how important your ideas actually are, this also teaches what kind of employers or partners to aim for: those who visibly welcome fresh ideas from new faces.

Plan to Contribute

Bringing your ideas to the table can be achieved by putting them in a constructive order and then finding the courage to put them forward. Again, there are solutions that can help you as an ambitious individual and entrepreneur. Business Plan & Start Startup is an app already used by over 100,000 people on Google Play to create detailed plans, which include to-do lists, tutorials, and advice from its community of experts on any aspect of the development process. Such a versatile tool can be used to keep track of your enterprise’s progress or to simply plan a project for work. Once fully familiarized with a given venture, its potential and intricacies clear in your head, it will be easier to talk about it, not to mention impressive in the eyes of colleagues and employers. From there, all you need is to keep planning and practicing. Confidence is a skill that can be enhanced like any other.

Learn Public Speaking

Presentations are not the only occasions where this ability will come in handy. Making suggestions at meetings, networking, inspiring through videos on social media and even reading out a scripted speech can have double the positive impact with the right pace, emphasis, enunciation and voice color. Coursera’s training program, Introduction to Public Speaking, is a 5-week online course that teaches the importance of speech, ways of selecting and persuasively illustrating ideas, but also how to overcome your fear of public speaking. Local opportunities will surely be open to you, without overlooking theatre or improv classes. Learning how to talk to people is more effective when you do it in a social group.

All these qualities affect each other. Strong social skills, for example, boost your confidence, while feeling sure of yourself can result in more efficient planning. A well-structured business plan can then lead to a clear presentation and a positive outlook for the venture. Master these abilities and they will support you for the rest of your life.  

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