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10 Ways To Pass Your Time When Sick

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It becomes pretty boring to stay at home all day long when you are sick. There are only two enemies to human happiness- pain and boredom. Staying in bed all day, the disgusting taste of medicines, not being allowed to eat junk food, or have a soft drink are all a part of your day when you are ill. We wish you always stay healthy and free from diseases, but if you need to face this tomorrow or sometime in the future, then here are some ways to kill this boredom even if you are alone at home.

Presenting you with a list of 10 Ways to Pass your time when Sick.

1.Take a nap

Woman taking a nap
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Trying to sleep is the easiest way to pass some time. It is the best possible way to help you heal faster. Sleeping gives rest to your mind and body and helps you feel better. So take a pillow and a blanket fort and sleep in it because there is no better way to forget you’re sick than to enter the dreamland and pretend you’re not sick, at least for a little while.

2.Watch your favorite movies and TV series

You can watch your favorite movies, the ones you never get bored of. You can also preferably watch a light-hearted comedy movie, as laughter is the best way to cure your sickness. You can also watch your favorite TV series which you might have missed because of work or study.

3.Read a good book

Woman reading a book
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Pull out an interesting book from your shelves and start to read it. Or try to read a storybook or a comic. If you do not have any good stuff to read, then ask a friend to bring you a book of their choice. Reading something different can be fun sometimes, and you will always get to learn about new things.

4. Take a little walk outside

If you are not very sick, then this is a good option for you to try. Take a little walk outside or sit outside. The fresh air refreshes your mind and helps you recover faster.

5.Do your pending work

When you are sick and haven’t been to school or work for a long time, you can do your pending work while staying at home since not going to your working place may pile up a lot of work when you get back. Call your friend or colleague to give you the working updates and ask them to bring the books or files for you.

6.Play games on your laptop or PC

A young woman playing video games
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This could be the most entertaining option for you. Playing your favorite games on your laptop keeps you engaged and helps you to forget your sickness for a while. Playing a video game on TV is also a good option.


Sickness always ruins away a person’s appearance. Make sure you are properly groomed, like go out to have a haircut or try a new hairstyle, style your beard in a new way, shape your nails, get a body massage, or other beauty treatments. Watching yourself be the best version of yourself makes a huge difference in your recovery process.

8.Call or chat with your friends

Woman talking on call
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When you feel lonely while sitting at home, pick up your phone and dial your friend’s number. Or at least have a chat with them. Your friends are the only people who keep you updated with what’s going on at your workplace. You can gossip about all the things happening around you or complain to them about how sick you are.

9.Search for something interesting on Google or Youtube

A cozy bed, your cell phone with internet and earphones, and you need nothing more to pass your time. Try to search for some new stuff you have heard about or some current or past news you couldn’t read. You can also search up the trailers of the latest movies or other videos like any arts and crafts. Online shopping is also a great option, for you will always feel happy after shopping.

10.Listen to Music

The ultimate way to get rid of any unwanted feeling is by listening to music. Put on your favorite playlist, lie down on your bed and listen to music. Music is a great way to cheer you up. Singing along with the music will make you realize that you feel less sick.


To anyone reading this during a time of sickness, I wish you perfect health. If any of these ways work out for you, then try them for sure. Help yourself to relieve your stress.

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