Old Habits Do Not Always Die Hard

Old Habits Do Not Always Die Hard 1


Habits make our day! Every moment, every now and then, there is some habit we exercise- knowingly or unknowingly. All of us as humans may inculcate habits from different sources without even realizing we do. Most of the times we aren’t even sure if that’s a boon or a ban. Well, that of course depends on the habit you’ve inculcated. Often, habits become so ingrained that we don’t even notice why we do them. I remember my dad always telling me to take good from people and ignore the bad in them. It is clearly easy said than done. We are in a generation where things are learnt and grasped so quickly that one completely ignores the fact that there are things that needs to be judged before accepted. On one hand, we have people telling us that life is short and needs to be lived to the fullest. On the other, we also have people being too judgmental and pointing out 10 things or habits you must get rid of.

Old Habits Do Not Always Die Hard 2

Well, one doesn’t have to decide what you need to do with your life unless you think they are important enough to decide. But, to have a happy life, you may definitely want to get rid of a few old habits- good or bad (mostly bad). Also, we have to give up on things that don’t seem right to live life smoothly, right? Bad habits generally are said to have a higher impact on your mind and behavior. Negativity is said to come from bad habits. It is often assumed that consuming alcoholic drinks is the only bad habit. But that is certainly not true. Judgments depend on one’s perceptions and thinking. So, something that seems bad to you may not be the same to somebody else. If you have decided to get over something, no matter how cool it sounds to not, it is okay to go ahead with it for your happiness and satisfaction. Cooler to make ourselves happy, isn’t it? However, one would not think twice to accept the fact that getting over a habit is not as easy as inculcating it. Focusing on a few Dos and Don’ts will help you succeed. Here are a few points you could consider:



Old Habits Do Not Always Die Hard 3

Despite having decided on it, you might falter and revert to your old ways. Once you have decided on something, thinking again and again will only confuse you and you will end up being in a dilemma. To avoid this, once you take a call, do not rethink! You will be surprised to see some of your well wishers cast you down. Breaking habits is a difficult task, so if you aren’t fully committed to it you are likely to fail. Hence, it is very necessary to remind yourself that YOU CAN and YOU WILL do it. Find where you have lost the path and get back to it with all the determination you had in the beginning.




Bad habits many a times, come about as a means of dealing with situations that cause stress or boredom. For instance, for many people smoking provides a relief from stress. It is important to understand why and in which situation do you tend to practice the habit. That will help you decide on how to tackle the problem.



Old Habits Do Not Always Die Hard 4

To make you feel a little lighter and also to feel like the task is not impossible and tough, draw a plan that starts with simple steps. If the first step forward is simple and easy to do, then you’re going to be more likely to take it than you would tackle the whole situation.


Old Habits Do Not Always Die Hard 5

When you write down something, it is easier for you to remember and also to keep an eye on how close you have come to your goal. Studies show that having a clear, specific plan greatly increases your chances of success. Writing down stuff will help the information/notes sink in and you will forget less about it.



To avoid practicing your old habit, try to inculcate a new habit. Something that makes you feel good and refreshed; more like an energizer that you can put in place of the old one. For instance, if you’re trying to stop smoking, do breathing exercises, go for for long walks. But be sure the alternate habit is not boring or saddening. It shouldn’t remind you of your old habit.



Old Habits Do Not Always Die Hard 6

Change in environment might help you feel refreshed. For instance, if you like to smoke out on your patio, remove the chair you sit in and replace it with a plant. One of the most effective ways to break old habits is put yourself in an entirely new situation for a while, and develop new, healthier habits that you can then transplant into your normal life when you return.



Old Habits Do Not Always Die Hard 7

Try and reward yourself with little things that can motivate you! For example, if you are trying to break the habit of being late for work, you could reward yourself with your favorite ice cream each day you arrive on time.

Remember, you are what you are. The decision to mend your habits to make your life better is completely yours. But sometimes, there might be a few things you would want to do to see your loved ones happy. Changing and mending habits do not necessarily change you completely. It is just a step towards living a better and a more beautiful life. Let things make a difference wherever necessary just to make your life better and smile brighter!

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