Death is a bitter truth of life and sooner or later everyone faces it, but you must have always noticed that some people die at quite an early age while others live an extra long life. Life and death are surely not in your hands, but thins does not mean that you should never try to maintain a healthy and efficient lifestyle to combat early deaths. No doubt that death can come to us out of any reason or at any time but we should all take necessary steps to avoid premature death. Here are some healthy habits that you should adopt to delay your death.


Know Your Body:

knowYour body is not a Heep of muscles and bones but a complex system of various organs working together to help you live. So its your duty to understand the needs of your body and to maintain the lifestyle that suits the requirements.


Follow a balanced diet:

The food you eat acts like a fuel to your body so how can your give an improper fuel to your body and a poison to your life. Eat a balanced diet which contains all necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins in right amounts, do visit a dietician to get the best diet chart for yourself. Supplement your food with plenty of fruits and vegetables as they provide water soluble nutrients that our body can neither store nor create so our body needs an abundant intake of fruits and vegetables.


Follow regular exercise and meditate:

For living a healthy life and to fight against premature death, you need to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. Exercise helps you maintain yourself physically, and physical health also impacts your mental well being. Meditation helps you reduce stress, keeps you calm and energises you. A proper dose of exercise and meditation can help you fight against various diseases and delay death.


Visit a physician:

visitSometime a healthy looking person may also in the trap of ill health, to avoid this one must visit a physician as their expertise can help you better understand your body and take early precautions in case needed.


Think positive:

Don’t forget that as you think and feel so you attract. So remember to maintain a positive approach towards life so as to see positive things going on in your life.


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