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How To Get Someone To Stop Ignoring You

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Sometimes, people start ignoring us without letting us know the reason for it. You wake up one day and realize that things are a bit different. You start feeling anxious and think about all the things that could have possibly gone wrong. It usually does not bother one much if the person is not close enough. But then, people who are the closest to us are the ones who give us the silent treatment once in a while, and we end up feeling helpless and lonely. 

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First, one needs to make sure if they are being ignored or not. Sometimes, a slight change in the behavior of our close ones can make us go paranoid. One needs to observe how the person is behaving around others. If they are ignoring others too, it may be because they are facing some problem and need some space.


One thing that you must not do is to constantly bug them about why they are ignoring you. Maybe, they just need to be alone. Or maybe, your presence is affecting them. Whatever the reason may be, calm down. They do not need to see how much you are being affected by this.


Instead, take your time to think about what could have possibly caused this. Maybe something that you have done or said is the reason. Or maybe, they have heard something that has hurt them. Calm yourself and try to find the cause.

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Whether you find yourself at fault or not, try to apologize. If they refuse to talk to you or meet you, send them a letter. Hand written letters always help. When they see that you are trying so hard to apologize and make things right, they may come around.


Try talking to them. Clear things out. People cannot read minds. Misunderstandings are normal and things can fix by talking your heart out.


Try not to involve others. Asking them to talk to them for you or making them take your message to them can get real annoying at times. It is between you two, keep it at that.

If the person does not respond to any of that, you might as well let that person go. One can try, but if the other person does not respond at all, it is not worth it. 



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