How Do Giraffes Have Sex?

How Do Giraffes Have Sex? 1


Male giraffes have a very interesting way of selecting their mates. They take a mouthful of the female’s urine to determine if she will be a good mate for him. This process is known as the “Flehmen sequence” Initially the male giraffe pursues the female giraffe and rubs her back until she pees When she does urinate he’ll taste it. The taste of the female giraffe’s urine determines if the male giraffe will stalk her and try to seduce her.

How Do Giraffes Have Sex?


After the male giraffe selects his mate, then begins the courting period. The male giraffe continues to stalk his crush. The female avoids the male giraffe and tries to search for better options. During the courting period, the male giraffe tries to ward off other eligible males from his lady love.

How Do Giraffes Have Sex?

Survival of the Fittest

In their fight over the female giraffe, their dominance is established by high or low dominance necking. The low-density necking involves pressing their necks against each other till they get tired. The high density of necking, they’ll swing their necks and heads at each other, trying to land blows. This type of fighting lasts for half an hour after which one or the other accepts defeat. This type of fighting generally does not have a dangerous effect.

How Do Giraffes Have Sex?

Homosexuality In Giraffes

In some cases, it so happens that after the fight both the male giraffes start caressing each other and even get involved with each other. According to estimation 75% to 94% of male giraffes have sex with each other. Even 1% of the female population of giraffes have sex with each other.

Mating of Male-Female Giraffes

When males and females do pair up, the female giraffes generally prefer to pair up with older males (who are a minimum of seven years elder). In contrast, male giraffes also prefer younger counterparts as their mates. In a few cases, some lucky male giraffes are pursued by a female giraffe.

In these cases, he gets to mount the female giraffe very easily. Once the female stands quietly and allows the male to mount her, the coitus is extremely brief, lasting only a few seconds. This once again proves that the action is much more important than the size of the neck.

How Do Giraffes Have Sex?

The giraffes may have a weird way of choosing their partner, but the way of lovemaking within the animal chain remains the same, be it a giraffe or a human being.

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