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How to Make Her Want a Second Date with You

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How does a woman decide if she wants to spend another evening in your company?She watches and analyzes everything you do and say on the first date. It usually doesn’t take too long for men to figure out if the girl fits for the role of a potential girlfriend. Women are much more difficult (being easy is just not about them).

How to Make Her Want a Second Date with You 1

If you’re really into the girl, you’re doing your best to make this feeling mutual. Now, we can’t force you to follow the rules of etiquette and develop a sense of style, but we can tell you what women pay attention to and how they decide if you’re worth the second one. Here’s what you need to do to make her want to meet again.

1) Pay for everything yourself

Sure, we all know how crucial it is to watch what you spend your money on. Money doesn’t grow on trees; besides, the girl probably has a job(she may even earn more than you), and you don’t know each other well enough to spend money on her. So maybe you shouldn’t cover the date’s costs yourself.You can pay for hernext time, when you’re sure the cash won’t be wasted. That’s exactly what most guys think, and this approach is wrong, especially when dating Russian women. When the waiter brings you the bill, take it and don’t give it to your companion. If she says she would like to share it, refuse. However, if she’sinsisting and already shaking with anger, asking to split your check, it’s better to agree: why argue ifshe’s so serious about it? Besides, her reaction might be explained by the fact that she simplydidn’t enjoy the evening and wouldn’t like to repeat it.

2) Stay interested in her

Women like chatting about everything. So begin asking her questions non-stop.Ask her where she’s from, what her favorite dish is, where she works, where she would like to travel, and what her favorite Pokemon was. The more she talks, the better.Don’t worry, your companion won’t fall behind, so your date won’tturn into an interrogation. You can be sure thatshe’ll ask you how you got that brutal tattoo hand, and you can tell her an exciting story about how you lived with an Africantribein the desert and passed the initiation ritual to get this tattoo. What we’re saying is she’ll find a lot of questions to ask you. So you need to have a couple in mind, as well.

3) Don’t be rude to people around you

Women pay too much attention to small details. You’d think that their life consists entirely of trifles. This means that she’ll notice your every fail. Moreover,she’ll definitely notice if you’re rude to the waitress or don’t leave her a tip. Be generous– and you’ll impress the girl, but don’t leave too much money. About 10-15% of the bill is enough. In addition, you shouldn’t be rude to any person you meet when you’re on a first date. These are two non-aging golden rules.

4) Try to kiss her

Here’s another priceless tip: if you spent the evening together, and in the end, you didn’t try to kiss her, this inexplicably increases the chance of finding yourself in herfriend zone, and guys that end up there don’t get another chance. You can even try toask her to come to your place, but a kissafter you drive her home will do just fine.

5) Follow the two-day rule

You’ve probably heard about this rule: if you call too soon, you’re showing that you’re desperate or impatient. However, if you’re staying silent for more than four days, she may start thinking that you’ll never show up. After that, she’ll start convincing herselfthat it’s for the better, making up excuses for this: your tie was awful, you came in snickers, and so on. Waiting a couple of days would be perfect. Thinking about what to say when calling? A phrase like‘We had such a great time! Mind if we meet again this Saturday?’ will be more than enough.

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